Simplicity sells.

Only when we don't have the luxury of time, do we have the urge to learn new stuff, or do things which we don't do when we are free.

Like when i'm supposed to be studying for exams, i want to:

1.) Restart blogging
2.) Learn CSS and advanced html
3.) Do up all the album art in itunes
4.) Read design blogs
5.) Read up on typography
6.) Get my hands on CS5 somehow
7.) Read uncountable reviews about HTC Legend and Desire
8.) Try new ideas for wallpapers

Is it an escape from stress? Do we really enjoy it?
Why don't i get around to doing it after exams?

Maybe its because there are more stuff i want to do after exams which i REALLY can't do now.
But yet these are the things i can still nudge my calendar around to justify doing, in the name of stress relief.

Whatever, time to sleep. And wake up early tmr. Relatively. 
Here's something to remind you of what you should be doing. 1280 x 800
As i have a new google account, here's starting a new blog.
The old one's still there, but this is so i don't have to keep signing out of my google account and signing in again to post something. I'm blogging so little as it is already.

So hopefully this will bring up the frequency of posts.

As the url suggests, this page is for rants. MY rants. And so i post what i like. :)

And as of now I don't have much to post. (If anyone is interested, i have 2 more papers to go for this semester of exams. The 4 that just past were a pretty bad experience.)