Just caught the 1997 film by James Cameron with the girlfriend, this time, in 3D.
Wow, right? Actually not really. Halfway through the film, I stopped noticing that the movie was in 3D, the effect being pretty subtle. I still can't decide if thats a good or bad thing. Did i pay extra for something that i don't even notice? Or was the effect done very well because it doesn't give me a headache deciding where the focus was.

I think i'll go with it being good.

Afterall, I decided that its worth watching, again, for the third time, because reviews of the show said it wasn't half bad.

I define a good movie as one that I don't mind re-watching. And I think an outstanding one would be one that i don't mind re-watching after its been aired on TV countless times, and 15 years after its debut. I guess Titanic is pretty outstanding then. Despite several factual inconstancies, some of which are listed  here, and here. Then again, i'm not watching some documentary, I'm watching a sappy love story. A pretty good sappy love story. :)

So, was it worth watching in 3D? I would say you'll enjoy it as much when you watch at home in 2D. A good show is a good show regardless of it being in 2D, or 3D, or 20D.

Besides, the sound system in Eng Wah West Mall is really bad. There was a pretty loud buzzing sound when the scene was supposed to be quiet. Ha.

By the way, Titanic sank on 15th of April 1912. By coincidence, we caught the movie on 15th of April 2012.

Wrenching hearts 15 years later, in 3D, Titanic by James Cameron. (I heard several people sobbing around me when the band decided to go down with the ship, playing music.)