Iron Man 2, Ip Man 2 and Mother's day

Exams are over! At last.
4 sems chionging is really burning me out man.
I really do hope i get the Korea exchange, if not, theres really not much motivation to study next sem man.

Anws, caught Iron Man 2 with Dear. It was A.W.Esome. with a AWE in caps. haha.
Its seriously geek porn man. haha. The image above is 1024x780 if i'm not wrong, so u can set it as a wallpaper. :D

There's a fight scene between Mark 2 and Mark 3. Ownage.
They showed the change from the circular arc reactor to the triangular one. But i still don't get why must it be. Do the angles matter? haha. Nevermind.
It rawks.
For the guys, there's the awesome suits, and the Audi. Not to mention Scarlet Johansson. :D
For girls, there's Robert Downey Jr.

Caught 'Whip It' at home in the afternoon too. Was alright, but kinda underwhelming compared to Iron Man 2.

Then went to watch Ip Man 2 with my parents for Mother's Day.
Did i say Iron Man 2 was AWEsome? Ip Man 2 was AWESOME. Haahhaha.
Seriously, there were 4 great fight scenes.
I didn't expect Hung Jin Bao to step out of action and martial arts director and actually act in not 1, but 2 fight scene man. Shiok. Even though its probably a stunt double, and many many wires, but still. Happy. :)
Donnie Yen is still cool. And his wife is still hot. Even when pregnant. Lol.
The storyline is pretty much the same. But why fix what ain't broken eh? haha.
I'm perfectly happy with the usual 'fight impressively' and 'self sacrifice for the greater good' scenes. Haha. Especially after wringing my brain dry for exams, it feels shiok to just watch and enjoy a movie without thinking too much or analysing it.

Shiok. 2 great movies in 2 days. Spent some time with my dear girl, and my family. Long past due man. :)

P.S: Ate Ichiban Sushi for dinner. Woots.


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