Warning: this post is pretty much a rant. Read on if you're still interested.

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Found a rather cool game at kongregate.
Basically a song plays, and the notes come out according to the rhythm and stuff.
The aim is to move the mouse, and collect as many notes as possible.
Yellow notes are multipliers, and purple ones turn your mouse into a magnet. :)

You can even upload songs and use them. mp3s only though, so no wmvs and aacs.
Here's a song i uploaded.

If you need an uploading service, you can can dropbox. Its like a free 2GB online thumbdrive, with good upload and download speeds. Ji shiok. :)
Please use my referral, we both get extra 250MB of space!

Hope you like the game!

Spiderman, spiderman. Does whatever a spider can.

Thanks dear. :)
Happy Birthday Dear! :)