Sitting at an internet cafe now. spending the night here. I think i'll update on Japan after all this is over.
Too tired. Good night.


Still at internet cafe, but too lazy to really blog now.
Here's a rough itinerary before i forgot what i did.

At home now. With nothing to do. But still too lazy to blog.

Train to busan, taxi to airport. Came back the way we came

Nearly missed plane, slept in closed airport, reached fukuoka. Visited canal city, Tenjin, walked around red light district, found out convinence store sold porno-like mags(i think they are just normal manga mags). stayed in 2500yen japan style guesthouse

Woke up late, train to dazaifu. Walked a lot, visited quite a few temples. Train to Nagasaki, slept in internet cafe Cybac Nagasaki

JR train to visit nagasaki atomic bomb site, cathedral, museum. Deposit bag in nagasaki station locker. JR train to Fukuoka. Visited Yatai dinner, met friendly japanese man, Brought us to bar, rather smokey, treated us to drinks. Nice guy. Stayed in Cybac Tenjin

JR Train to Beppu. checked in Beppu guest house. Bought bus pass. visited Hoyoland mud spa, some lame normal salt onsen. Ate toriten lunch. Ate tempura dinner. Guesthouse had wifi, shiok.

Takegawa sand onsen. Fell asleep inside. Ate tonkatsu ramen lunch, cashier girl could speak good english. Shopped at JR train station. JR train to Kagoshima, transferring at Kumamoto and Yatsoshiro. Deposit luggage at Kagoshima station. Snowed while we were on train, rained like shit at kagoshima. Sucks balls. Left change of socks at station. Wandered kagoshima tenmonjin. Dinner at some super ex but yet not nice place. Went to Cybac Kagoshima rather early. Slept late again, bathed twice. Not enough cash left. What a Christmas.

Ferry to Sakurajima. Nearly missed tour bus. Tour in Japanese, boring till nearly slept a few times. Sakurajima was underwhelming. Never even get near to crater. Drew 7k at post office. Shopped at JR station. Ate a rather cui KFC for lunch. JR train to Fukuoka. Another 4 hours. Walked around Canal City, had a tough time finding dinner. Ended up eating omelette rice instead of tonkatsu ramen, because thats the only shop that accepts credit cards, and we were pretty much out of cash. Sitting at Cybac Hakata now thinking about the past 6 days, and the next 10 days. 

Flight back to Busan. Collected Luggage. Taxi to KTX station. No time for lunch. Train to Seoul, 5hrs30min. Bored to death. Stayed in cheap hotel near airport waiting for Dear to arrive.
Well, its a new month, and i'm back from Jirisan, so its no excuse for not blogging. I'm kinda lazy, so here's a short one.

Went to Jeonju like ages ago, like 3 weeks ago? Its a pretty small city below Daejeon. Nothing much there.

The more interesting one would be Jirisan, the highest mountain in mainland South Korea. I didn't take any decent pictures with my phone though. Its hard enough taking pics with a camera with gloves on, try taking pics with a capacitive touchscreen phone with gloves. I'm thinking of investing in a good rugged waterproof camera. Don't know if i should. Especially since exchange is almost over.
And so the pics from Jirisan are from Rusty's camera, so credits to him.

Pics below!