Was just setting up the parent's laptop to the home tv so they can watch funshion on a larger screen insteed of the pathetic 13" screen, when i started thinking about how my future home entertainment system would be like. Being much of a geek, i hope it'll become a reality soon.

My TV be wirelessly connected to my desktop, which is actually a skeleton frame consisting of a widescreen monitor, wireless keyboard and mouse/touchpad, and wireless storage.

This means, when i my laptop is in the house, it starts a wireless backup into the external storage. When i play a movie, it is wirelessly sent to the tv and the home movie surround sound system.

My phone would work as a remote while at home, allowing me to play movies, and songs, from the home entertainment system. Everything will be stored in the wireless storage, expandable, while only the stuff i need to be portable, will be stored in my laptop, or in an online server, like dropbox.

Ahhhhh, now that is the life. For now.

I do see that in the future, maybe the keyboard and mouse/touchpad will be rendered moot, taken over by full body gestures like that in IronMan, Kinect like. :)