Spent the weekend/birthday in Seoul. Pictures, updates and videos soon!
So, studying for the midterms, on exchange. Despite the oxymoron.
Andddd..... abit laggy, but i started watching the Big Bang Theory. Its really quite nice. Haha.
On to season 2 now. :)

Random pics around school after the break. oh, and i decided to upload the pics from my phone to facebook. Much easier. Time to sleep, and hopefully dream of the answers to tuesday's exams.
Spent the saturday at some International hot air balloon fiesta/food festival/beerfest/rockconcert.
Disappointingly though, they said the weather was too hot, so the balloons can't go up.
And the 300beer vendors, turned out to be one vendor, with international beers. -.-
The rock concert was okkkkkk..... but mostly in korean.
The naan at the food festival was ok though.

Pictures after 'Readmore'
Midterms are next week.
And i'm studying everyday.
Why oh why, do i have to do homework and study everyday on exchange? Maybe i should have went to the US, since Zhihong says all the tests are so easy. Haha.

Going to visit a HotAirBalloon Exhibition, and Rocktober fest tomorrow though. :)

Anyways, random pictures after the link.
Warning! Boring post.

Spent my 2nd weekend in Korea not travelling. The workload is getting intensive. Hai.

Random pics around school after the break.
The pictures are piling up, so i thought i'ld do an update about the recent activities first, and mayyyybbbbeeee i'll update about the chuseok trip. Hopefully before the semester ends. :D
Its been one week back at school, and i pretty much spent the first half of it catching up on tutorials, chionging them last minute.

Went out to celebrate a friend's birthday. We hung a pair of underwear stained with 'shit' on his door as a present. The video is on facebook: Facebook Luiz's bday present

I fixed up a bike i found.

Now i'm spending the weekend slacking in the dorm. What a waste of a weekend on exchange. But oh wells, i'm too lazy to plan.

So, below are the random images from the past few days.