Korea Day 2! Checking into KAIST!

Damn tired, so i'll let the pictures my friend took do the talking. :D

A geese crossing in my school.
And the said geese.
The good bbq meat we had yesterday. :)
And the rice wine.
The soap, detergent and shampoo which we bought. And i think the shampoo is actually conditioner.
The lecture hall in which we had our orientation talk.

And they gave us weird drinks during the talk, which are actually sold thruout korea. Like black bean, super gassy sprite, and corn tea. which tastes like flat popcorn oil.

Because our school is kinda huge, most people cycle around. Except us, who walk our legs off.

We have a burger king here too, in campus.

And the prices are around the same as those found in sg.

The shitty exterior of the hostel i'm staying in.

Which is called Jihye Hall.

One of the supermarket we shopped in, E-Mart. No Credits to use though.

Another weird drink, chocolate sparkling soda, which isn't very nice.

They have lockers too, outside the supermarket, for people to deposit bags that are too large.

And lastly, the menu for tonight's dinner, which is in korean, and i can't read. So i ended up ordering super spicy cold korean noodles. And my stomach is feeling kinda weird now. Haha.
Alright, time to sleep. Its 1.15am, and tomorrow's meeting time is 8.30am for trekking. :D

50k won left to survive 2 days, while the bank is closed. Thats $50 sgd. Ho seh liao.

P.S: Because one blog post is not enough to thank my sweet gf, here's another one: Thanks Dear for being so kind and understanding about the exchange. Work smart in sg, and don't get bullied by the cui supervisor! :) I miss you!

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  1. :)
    awwww. so sweeet~~~
    miss you too.
    the chocolate sparkling soda looks cool. hahaa