Korea Day 4! Daecheon Beach!

As the title suggests, we went to the beach today.
I'm not really tired, and i don't have to wake up early tomorrow, but since it's worked pretty well so far, i'll do the narrating in the picture comments. :)

The beach is kinda far away, so we had to take a bus to Boryeong/Daecheon.

The ticket which costs 11200won and 2 hours. Which we slept through. haha.
And it was raining like crap when we reached the bus terminal at Daecheon, and the beach.

So we had lunch first, at a seafood restaurant. They had beef with golden mushrooms! Yum.

The beach wasn't very awesome, i don't know why its said to be the best beach in the west coast.

And the sand wasn't very golden. Haha. This is low tide, high tide is super high, because the beach slope was rather gentle.

We found a starfish, or quite a few starfishes actually.

And a random shoe.

Our french friend was very eco friendly, and took out a plastic bag.

To start picking up all the rubbish we saw. :)

We saw strange sights such as the korean army?! in uniform, playing in the sea.

And cute kids posing for the camera. The mom was forcing the boy to not 'twist', and he was quite sad about it. haha.

We saw a girl burying her legs,

and she's short, not that she dug such a deep hole.

So we decided to do the same to Simo.

And here he is with his rubbish bag. Haha!

There were quite a few pidgeons and seagulls after we finished out walk of the beach, and dip in the sea. We left the birds soon as we were afraid of getting pooped on. They were flying just above our heads.

We met an uncle along the way, who was melting sugar and caramel to make sweet cookies.

With cute shapes. but they were super super sweet.

We had dinner, which was again

bbq meat!

And fried rice, which was mixed with everything and grilled after we were done. Quite nice, except for the seaweed, which i don't like. Haha.

And thats for today.
The bus ride back was equally long. And the cab back to school was damn fast, probably because the uncle was pissed at us for talking so much. Haha.

Plans for tomorrow include sleeping in late, because we can't eat or drink anything before the medical exam at 2pm. Draw money, since i have no cash left, and maybe visit the city center for some shopping. :)


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