JeonJu + Jirisan! Pictures!

Well, its a new month, and i'm back from Jirisan, so its no excuse for not blogging. I'm kinda lazy, so here's a short one.

Went to Jeonju like ages ago, like 3 weeks ago? Its a pretty small city below Daejeon. Nothing much there.

The more interesting one would be Jirisan, the highest mountain in mainland South Korea. I didn't take any decent pictures with my phone though. Its hard enough taking pics with a camera with gloves on, try taking pics with a capacitive touchscreen phone with gloves. I'm thinking of investing in a good rugged waterproof camera. Don't know if i should. Especially since exchange is almost over.
And so the pics from Jirisan are from Rusty's camera, so credits to him.

Pics below!

Pretty Awesome Ad.

At a Shisha pub. I know its available in Singapore. But still, 1st time i tried it. Nothing much though i must say.

The "bladeless fan" is actually a heater!

Our many many side dishes for the Bimbimbap we had in Jeonju, apparently the speciality of this town.

Jeonju Bimbimbap.

Cute little girl playing with leaves in the Hanok village.
And that is pretty much all for Jeonju.

Next up, Jirisan!

We actually postponed this trip like 2 times. And this week we decided we will go no matter what. And went we did. Totally worth the 2 hour bus ride to the town, the frigid temperatures, the tough climb, and the 1 hour bus ride from the town to the mountain. Oh and the 2 day muscle-aches afterword. :D

We went to the town of Jinju/Chinju the night before to stay, before heading to the mountain from the east side, which is nearer to the highest peak of 1915m.

The eel we had in Jinju, the town near Jirisan. Wasn't fantastic, or maybe it just didn't appeal to me.

The bus time table from Jinju Express bus terminal to Jirisan.

The cafe where we chill at everytime we're at a town. For the wifi. :D

We started at 550m altitude, for a 5.4km hike up to the peak, 1918m above sea level. GPS on my phone. Rawkz.

My hair is pretty long now. And damn is the view good. And this is only halfway up.

Soon we started seeing snow.

Looks kinda near eh. Its actually 2km more, and 600m in height to go. 2hours of trekking.

Then we started seeing ice.

And started climbing rocks to take pics. Haha.

Then more snow.

And even more snow.

And more climbing of rocks. Haha!

And more pictures.

Super big rock, and super big drop.

Soon there was snow everywhere. and rocks.

More rock climbing and picture taking. Got kbed alot for climbing this. Its not as dangerous as it looks. Really.

Uber long last leg to the peak.

REally uber long.

I love this feeling. Standing at the top of the mountain, after a long hike, with the world beneath you, looking to the horizon all around you. Really all around. Its like the earth is flat.

Totally bungee capable. :D

I think this is my fb dp. haha.

Trying to pose to look like i'm climbing up the steep side, but can't get a safe foothold to extend my legs down.

Oh did i mention its damn cold up there. The wind was, as usual, ownage.

Shiok ttm.

Dinner in a spade. Nothing much beyond its fancy name though. Same korean kalbi, bbq meat. Not alot of it somemore. Haha. Quite hungry after the 10hr trek.

In the snow it doesn't really stand out eh. But i had to try. :)
Well thats all folks. I want to go snowboarding one weekend, but everyone seems to be against it. Oh wells. Maybe a jjimjilbang next weekend. :)

Should i, or should i not get a camera for Japan. hmmmm.


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