Lets play 'how small can your font go' in the cheatsheet you're gonna bring into the next exam.

Note that I didn't do this up myself, only edited it. But you can be sure the cheatsheets of the rest of the cohort are around the same standard, if not denser.
Well, its been quite some time.
Nothing really much to update since i've been busy with school. Got reminded that I have this blog, and well, seeing as there are changes in Blogger's layout, decided to change my template too. :)

This exams have been rather relaxing, compared to the first two years. Partly because all my papers are so spread out i have several days to study for each. Not that cramped. Heh. And also because I know my GPA can't really change much now anyway, so long as I don't score too badly. :p

Been watching a drama, 'Lie to me'. Pretty cool show about micro-expressions and finding the truth. Haha.

Shows how much I've been studying eh, especially since i've burned through season 1 and am halfway through season 2 within 2 weeks. :D

Watching on a new media server program i downloaded, Plex. Its pretty cool, can watch the movies/shows on my TV in the leaving room via the wireless network, streamed from my HDD in my room. Haha. Go check it out if you're interested: http://www.plexapp.com/

And thats all for now. cheerios!