Today is a pretty nua day. Woke up to have breakfast at 9am, only to go back to room to sleep until 12pm, had lunch then headed to the world cup stadium. Rather slack. School's starting tomorrow, and the stupid school portal doesn't allow me to access using my mac. -.-

Lunch was cheap at 2500won, and it was rather like Katsu Don.

Well, not many pictures today because we didn't do much, and because i think the guys are getting sick of me koping photos from them, so yea. Haha. Maybe i should start using my phone's camera more. :p

Woke up at 12pm, and went to the bank to get some money. The queue was incredibly long as usual.
Medical check up at 2pm, and we all didn't drink wate because one of the KAIST staff told us not to, but end up we had to do a urine test, and we could drink. Dumb shiet. Ended up thirsty for nothing, and couldn't piss.

Lunch was spicy pork, bbq-ed again. But still nice. :D was filling and delicious. The brazilian guys thought it was too spicy though, they weren't used to spicy food. Haha.
As the title suggests, we went to the beach today.
I'm not really tired, and i don't have to wake up early tomorrow, but since it's worked pretty well so far, i'll do the narrating in the picture comments. :)

Day 3! Went hiking, and walking, and sight see-ing. Damn tired.
Let the pictures do the talking again! 36 pics today!

Damn tired, so i'll let the pictures my friend took do the talking. :D
After a very touching send off by my great parents, and friends, and girlfriend (amazingly i didn't cry :p), a 6 hour long flight, and a 3 hour bus ride, i'm settled down in KAIST.

From the super messy packing of luggage,
Here's my packlist so far for korea.
Do give inputs on what else i should bring. :D

Well, its been 1 hectic week of fighting fires in HSOC (Hall Six Orientation Camp).
And, here's page 3. Page 4, and page 5, which i'm not too proud of. Haha.

And here you go, page 4. :) Please enlarge to read it. Its supposed to be 2 pages long.

Alright, the title kinda says it all.
Oh and i got a new camera app for my phone, and it does all diff kinds of effects. So i guess my pictures will be all with weird effects, at least until the novelty wears off me. Haha. Bear with it.

Nanyang Poly Audi
The grad was a pretty short ceremony. Interesting points to note:
1. There was a bagpipe playing guy, who sounded like he was going to 'zhao sia' at some parts, or maybe thats how bagpipes sound.
2. The graduates don't have mortarboards. Even the doctorates. According to European custom i think. They are 'clapped' on the head with a velvet clapper instead. Cute. Haha.