Korea Day 17! Haircut!

Friday was a rather slack day, with only one lesson. Went to 2 korean classes, to try and see if i can take it w/o the exams, but got rejected twice. Sad.
Saw quite a few interesting sights around school though.
Headed to a NoRaeBang 노래방 or karaoke in the night. Was rather cheap at 1300won a head. Which is like SGD$2. And the room is damn huge too. :)
Oh ya. cut my hair too!
Pics below. :D

Strawberry milk in a can. Wasn't very nice though. Another (failed) attempt to keep awake in class.

A fan? Really? In class?

Saw a man doing something fishy to a stone sculpture.

On closer inspection, he was painting the balls on the tiger. Speaking of finishing touches. o.0

The noraebang. Many rooms.

With huge flat screen tvs. I didn't get to take the size of the room, but trust me its wayyy bigger than the standard kbox. :)

My friend googled an english speaking hairdresser in Daejeon. Kuna, in cityhall. Nice.

They had a book which was a rather interesting read while waiting. 'Becoming an extraordinary Manager', bought from Kinokuniya Sydney. Because the boss is an australian. And thats his young wife there cutting kyle's hair. She cut mine too. Rather cool, Starting a family business.

Went to Kraze (pronounced crazy) Burger for lunch, as recommended by the friendly couple.

Fries were awesome.

So was the burger. The price wasn't very awesome though. 11000won per pax, around SGD$14? Considered expensive in Daejeon.

My new hairstyle. Kinda gay. But better then the shapeless mass i had.

Saw a very cool outdoor toilet. super clean, and nicely decorated.

Had... chinese food? for dinner. Haha, we thought it was bbq lamb. Ended up was a chinese store, where the ladyboss spoke mandrin. Easy to order! Haha. The mutton was superb, no weird mutton taste... you know what i'm talking about, that taste. Tsk.

The outside of the store.
And thats all folks, 2.15am. Gotta wake up early at 7am tmr to climb another mountain. Songnisan. Supposed to be damn good. Wait for the pics! :)


  1. Free Korean tuition from me, ai mai? HAHAHA. Anyway, your hair 真的是很 gay.

  2. HA! ur hair is very korean. can blend in well with the locals there then.

  3. Waiji: How to tuition all the way from sg sia.
    Dor: Haha! Its not long enough to be really korean kind i think. Haha. But the colour helps i guess.

  4. Hahaha, okay what, when there's a will, there's a way. 맞죠?