Korea Day 7! School starts. :(

Well, school has started. The holiday has ended. :(
Looks like i'm only going to update the blog on the weekends when and if i travel.
Click to read more and see the pictures.
I've heard that every year, 2-3 students in Kaist commit suicide in the dorms because its too stressful. Wow. And we were given homework today already. Woots.

The lecturers dont speak very good english, and they often switch to korean, which is rather irritating.
Also, there are no mics provided for them,  so they speak really softly sometimes. Looks like i gotta go sit in front.
Oh, and classes are like 20 students, even lectures. o.0

Hai, school has started.
Where should i go this weekend?

Koreans smoke so much, there's a vending machine for cigarettes. In school.
Maps of Korea and Daejeon, to mark out where i've been. :)

And they're right above my bed. Haha.


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