Chuseok Holidays!

Its going to be the Chuseok holidays from next tuesday to thursday.
Classes are cancelled next friday, and i'm skipping classes next monday.
Which means..... 9 day holiday! :D

Seoul from Saturday morning, to Tuesday night.
Busan from Wednesday morning to Sunday night.

I'll be bringing my laptop along, but i don't think i'll get much time to post. I'll update when i can, and maybe after the trip is done.

For now, back to trying to finish the ton of homework each lecturer gave, assuming that no one is going to travel/play/relax for the holidays. -.- Are teachers taught to give alot of homework for holidays when they are in NIE? Even though we experienced the shittiness of homework during holidays when we were studying ourselves.

Random pics after the break.

Rockmelon Icecream. An icecream a day..

Love box? Talk about marketing.

A rather cool chewing gum. My teeth don't seem any whiter after chewing them though.

And they even have silhouettes of girls inside. o.0

Nougat icecream!

The paper 'cups' they use here for the dispenser machines, which are everywhere. Its actually a paper envelope, saves space.

My 3rd card. :)

Breakfast everyday. Yogurt.

Got a Korean phone. Finally local calls.

World's largest lighter?! Koreans really smoke alot eh.

Banana milk, b.a.n.a.n.a.


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