Korea Day 18! Songnisan hike!

Went on our third hike since I came to Seoul. A place called Songnisan National Park. 1.5hrs bus ride from Daejeon. 7300won.

Woke up damn early, and missed the bus. Ended up waiting for 1hr for the next bus. -.-
The start of the trek was flat drivable road for like 3km. Walk until sian man. But the trek started getting more decent after that. Pictures and vids after the break!
Sleeping on the way there.

Nice waterfall, but its at the foot of the mountain, and probably man-made. -.-

They had quite a few of such stalls in one stretch of road. I wonder how they do business.

There was a temple at the bottom of the mountain, and we went to visit. They had this stone bowl that my friend claimed to be used to cook food for 3000 monks. I highly doubt that though.

The main highlight of the temple. A 33m tall golden buddha statue.

Once more, with a pagoda.

One of the buildings/gates.

And the Pagoda once more.

Inside one of the buildings.

And the trek begins after the long 3km walk. Because it was raining, the route was pretty much a semi-river.

They had many food stalls up along the mountain trail. Cool man. Again, how they do business?

Up more steps.

Seeing slugs on rocks.
Say hi to slug.

Up more wet rocks. By this time, my shoes were rather wet.

And flags too. Maybe it was a promotion banner for one of the stalls? But up a mountain? Weird.

Finally an end to the flight of rock steps. Just to see man-made steps.

Which led to heaven. Haha.

Trying to act cool. :D

The place was so misty, we couldn't see down the mountain.

Except when the mist clears.

Then the view was pretty alright.

And the wind was strong.

Up to the 'peak'

And we spotted a heli-pad. For emergency evacuations i guess.

And there were a few squirrels. This one was enjoying a grasshopper like bug for a snack.

Squirrel again. We had our lunch up at the peak, after which we chiong-ed down to catch the last bus back to Daejeon.

Saw a monk at the foot of the mountain when we were leaving.

And a group of kids singing 'I love Jesus' along the road. Ended up the bus we caught wasn't the last bus. There were much later buses. Oh wells.

Dinner! Steamboat... kinda. The rice was eaten last, after we finish all the soup and meat and what not. Then the rice is thrown in and fried. Bimbimbab. And well that kinda ends the trek. Back to hostel and relax!

Oh. After doing laundry, i found a sock missing, and got a pair of panties?! instead. I don't know if  its really panties, but it had a ribbon, and frills. What guy wears underwear with RIBBONS AND FRILLS?! But this is a boys only dorm. Man, there must be a pervert somewhere wearing ladies underwear. Gross shit.

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