Korea Day 15! Lab.

Well, school days, nothing much to update about.
But i still managed to take some pictures, so here they are. :)

Always feeling hungry, so Korean Pocky at night, Peppero. 600won, 80cents. :)

Milky & Fruity, one of the many drinks they have at the vending machine.  Not bad. I like. :D

The cheap coffee/hot choc we drink in class to keep awake. 100-200won. thats 12-24cents. shiok! but still sleep. :p

Super small vitagen they have there, as can be compared to the chopsticks. 100won. 12cents! I have one every meal.  Haha.

Funny statue/memorial/notice? outside the ulu lab that we had today. With a small weird out of place stone chair.

And that i the ulu lab i was talking about.

With a huge spider outside.

And the weights which we were supposed to weigh. 100kg each?! ? Haha!

Well thats all. Nothing much in school. Weather took a drastic change to become quite cool. Like aircon. Shiok. Just hopes it stays like that. Less rain too. :)


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