Chuseok Holidays

Hey guys, i'm sorry for the lack of updates even after the trip. There's too much to update, and i'm too my neck in shitloads of work.

Seriously, i think it may be more stressful here than in NTU. Just finished all my last minute tutorials.

So before i plunge into the update, here's a summary of what we did the 9 day holidays.

18th Sept 2010. Day 1
-Travelling to Seoul on Mugunghwa
-Myeongdong shopping!
-Dog meat stew, Busengtang
-Bungalow Pub $4 Jagerbombs

19th Sept 2010. Day 2
-Changyeonggong Temple
-Seoul tower, Teddy Bear Museum
-Myeongdong Noreabang

20th Sept 2010. Day 3
-Everland! :D

21st Sept 2010. Day 4
-IA application
-Wasted day

22nd Sept 2010. Day 5
-Train to Busan
-Gwangalli Beach at night

23rd Sept 2010. Day 6
-Beomeosa Temple
-Haeundae Beach
-APEC House

24th Sept 2010. Day 7
-Jagalchi Fish Market
-PIFF square
-Seomyeon Underground
-Busan Electronics Wholesale Street

25th Sept 2010. Day 8
-Haedong Yonggungsa Temple
-Lotte Town, Uniqlo!
-Shanghai Street

The pictures will come another day, actually they're on facebook already, but yea. And the specific stories too.

Just celebrated Luiz's birthday(pics soon!), gonna try to stick to my word and start sleeping early. Good night!


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