Sitting at an internet cafe now. spending the night here. I think i'll update on Japan after all this is over.
Too tired. Good night.


Still at internet cafe, but too lazy to really blog now.
Here's a rough itinerary before i forgot what i did.

At home now. With nothing to do. But still too lazy to blog.

Train to busan, taxi to airport. Came back the way we came

Nearly missed plane, slept in closed airport, reached fukuoka. Visited canal city, Tenjin, walked around red light district, found out convinence store sold porno-like mags(i think they are just normal manga mags). stayed in 2500yen japan style guesthouse

Woke up late, train to dazaifu. Walked a lot, visited quite a few temples. Train to Nagasaki, slept in internet cafe Cybac Nagasaki

JR train to visit nagasaki atomic bomb site, cathedral, museum. Deposit bag in nagasaki station locker. JR train to Fukuoka. Visited Yatai dinner, met friendly japanese man, Brought us to bar, rather smokey, treated us to drinks. Nice guy. Stayed in Cybac Tenjin

JR Train to Beppu. checked in Beppu guest house. Bought bus pass. visited Hoyoland mud spa, some lame normal salt onsen. Ate toriten lunch. Ate tempura dinner. Guesthouse had wifi, shiok.

Takegawa sand onsen. Fell asleep inside. Ate tonkatsu ramen lunch, cashier girl could speak good english. Shopped at JR train station. JR train to Kagoshima, transferring at Kumamoto and Yatsoshiro. Deposit luggage at Kagoshima station. Snowed while we were on train, rained like shit at kagoshima. Sucks balls. Left change of socks at station. Wandered kagoshima tenmonjin. Dinner at some super ex but yet not nice place. Went to Cybac Kagoshima rather early. Slept late again, bathed twice. Not enough cash left. What a Christmas.

Ferry to Sakurajima. Nearly missed tour bus. Tour in Japanese, boring till nearly slept a few times. Sakurajima was underwhelming. Never even get near to crater. Drew 7k at post office. Shopped at JR station. Ate a rather cui KFC for lunch. JR train to Fukuoka. Another 4 hours. Walked around Canal City, had a tough time finding dinner. Ended up eating omelette rice instead of tonkatsu ramen, because thats the only shop that accepts credit cards, and we were pretty much out of cash. Sitting at Cybac Hakata now thinking about the past 6 days, and the next 10 days. 

Flight back to Busan. Collected Luggage. Taxi to KTX station. No time for lunch. Train to Seoul, 5hrs30min. Bored to death. Stayed in cheap hotel near airport waiting for Dear to arrive.
Well, its a new month, and i'm back from Jirisan, so its no excuse for not blogging. I'm kinda lazy, so here's a short one.

Went to Jeonju like ages ago, like 3 weeks ago? Its a pretty small city below Daejeon. Nothing much there.

The more interesting one would be Jirisan, the highest mountain in mainland South Korea. I didn't take any decent pictures with my phone though. Its hard enough taking pics with a camera with gloves on, try taking pics with a capacitive touchscreen phone with gloves. I'm thinking of investing in a good rugged waterproof camera. Don't know if i should. Especially since exchange is almost over.
And so the pics from Jirisan are from Rusty's camera, so credits to him.

Pics below!
Damn. I hit my 1GB photo upload limit.
I'm kinda lagging by 2 weeks to blog. Sorry!

All pictures are on facebook though.

Trying to use Flickr, but i can only upload a max 100mb a month, which is kinda pathetic.
So here's an update on Sokcho and Seoraksan, which i visited last last weekend.
Damn. I hit my 1GB photo upload limit. Anyone knows how else i can upload photos?
I'm kinda lagging by 2 weeks to blog. Sorry!

Pictures are on facebook though.
Spent the weekend at Seoul to catch the bboy battle of the year 2010 korea elimination. And since korea is kinda the country of breakdancing, its enough to say it was AWESOME.

Headed to Hongdae after to check out the halloween scene.
Was pretty cool, with quite afew people dressing up. And a crazy silent party where we got sennheiser wireless headphones, and partied to a DJ and Emcee which only we could hear. Haha. Trouped around the area, and pretty much stunned everyone else. Haha. It was probably quite hilarious to see a whole big group of people jumping and dancing around in silence. And shouting in unison too.

Went with a group of 'not really party' kinda people, so while Rusty and me were having fun at the silent party, they sat at Baskin Robbins and chilled. So we kinda felt guilty and returned the headsets soon, and walked around, and spent the night chilling at a cafe, people watching, and then a restaurant. Not exactly fun, but oh wells, the BOTY, people watching and silent party kinda made it a rather unique bday celebration already.

Pictures below, and i did up a rough trailer using iMovie '11. Basically threw in the vids, and see what came out. Wasn't good, but still watchable. Haha.

Spent the weekend/birthday in Seoul. Pictures, updates and videos soon!
So, studying for the midterms, on exchange. Despite the oxymoron.
Andddd..... abit laggy, but i started watching the Big Bang Theory. Its really quite nice. Haha.
On to season 2 now. :)

Random pics around school after the break. oh, and i decided to upload the pics from my phone to facebook. Much easier. Time to sleep, and hopefully dream of the answers to tuesday's exams.
Spent the saturday at some International hot air balloon fiesta/food festival/beerfest/rockconcert.
Disappointingly though, they said the weather was too hot, so the balloons can't go up.
And the 300beer vendors, turned out to be one vendor, with international beers. -.-
The rock concert was okkkkkk..... but mostly in korean.
The naan at the food festival was ok though.

Pictures after 'Readmore'
Midterms are next week.
And i'm studying everyday.
Why oh why, do i have to do homework and study everyday on exchange? Maybe i should have went to the US, since Zhihong says all the tests are so easy. Haha.

Going to visit a HotAirBalloon Exhibition, and Rocktober fest tomorrow though. :)

Anyways, random pictures after the link.
Warning! Boring post.

Spent my 2nd weekend in Korea not travelling. The workload is getting intensive. Hai.

Random pics around school after the break.
The pictures are piling up, so i thought i'ld do an update about the recent activities first, and mayyyybbbbeeee i'll update about the chuseok trip. Hopefully before the semester ends. :D
Its been one week back at school, and i pretty much spent the first half of it catching up on tutorials, chionging them last minute.

Went out to celebrate a friend's birthday. We hung a pair of underwear stained with 'shit' on his door as a present. The video is on facebook: Facebook Luiz's bday present

I fixed up a bike i found.

Now i'm spending the weekend slacking in the dorm. What a waste of a weekend on exchange. But oh wells, i'm too lazy to plan.

So, below are the random images from the past few days.
Hey guys, i'm sorry for the lack of updates even after the trip. There's too much to update, and i'm too my neck in shitloads of work.

Seriously, i think it may be more stressful here than in NTU. Just finished all my last minute tutorials.

So before i plunge into the update, here's a summary of what we did the 9 day holidays.

18th Sept 2010. Day 1
-Travelling to Seoul on Mugunghwa
-Myeongdong shopping!
-Dog meat stew, Busengtang
-Bungalow Pub $4 Jagerbombs

19th Sept 2010. Day 2
-Changyeonggong Temple
-Seoul tower, Teddy Bear Museum
-Myeongdong Noreabang

20th Sept 2010. Day 3
-Everland! :D

21st Sept 2010. Day 4
-IA application
-Wasted day

22nd Sept 2010. Day 5
-Train to Busan
-Gwangalli Beach at night

23rd Sept 2010. Day 6
-Beomeosa Temple
-Haeundae Beach
-APEC House

24th Sept 2010. Day 7
-Jagalchi Fish Market
-PIFF square
-Seomyeon Underground
-Busan Electronics Wholesale Street

25th Sept 2010. Day 8
-Haedong Yonggungsa Temple
-Lotte Town, Uniqlo!
-Shanghai Street

The pictures will come another day, actually they're on facebook already, but yea. And the specific stories too.

Just celebrated Luiz's birthday(pics soon!), gonna try to stick to my word and start sleeping early. Good night!
Its going to be the Chuseok holidays from next tuesday to thursday.
Classes are cancelled next friday, and i'm skipping classes next monday.
Which means..... 9 day holiday! :D

Seoul from Saturday morning, to Tuesday night.
Busan from Wednesday morning to Sunday night.

I'll be bringing my laptop along, but i don't think i'll get much time to post. I'll update when i can, and maybe after the trip is done.

For now, back to trying to finish the ton of homework each lecturer gave, assuming that no one is going to travel/play/relax for the holidays. -.- Are teachers taught to give alot of homework for holidays when they are in NIE? Even though we experienced the shittiness of homework during holidays when we were studying ourselves.

Random pics after the break.
Went on our third hike since I came to Seoul. A place called Songnisan National Park. 1.5hrs bus ride from Daejeon. 7300won.

Woke up damn early, and missed the bus. Ended up waiting for 1hr for the next bus. -.-
The start of the trek was flat drivable road for like 3km. Walk until sian man. But the trek started getting more decent after that. Pictures and vids after the break!
Friday was a rather slack day, with only one lesson. Went to 2 korean classes, to try and see if i can take it w/o the exams, but got rejected twice. Sad.
Saw quite a few interesting sights around school though.
Headed to a NoRaeBang 노래방 or karaoke in the night. Was rather cheap at 1300won a head. Which is like SGD$2. And the room is damn huge too. :)
Oh ya. cut my hair too!
Pics below. :D

Well, school days, nothing much to update about.
But i still managed to take some pictures, so here they are. :)
Nothing much today, since we're pretty much settled into school.
I still have homework due tomorrow which i haven't done.
Had an Orientation thingy today by some International Students Organisation in Kaist. Went out to eat, and paid 20 000 won. Which is like SGD$24.
I feel totally ripped off. Because the live octopus was only like 7000won i think, for 5 people. -.-
Videos and pictures after the 'Read More'.
Ahhh, have been back pretty late the past 2 nights, so i've got quite abit to upload.
A total of 64 pics, so click to view after the break!

Well, its the 2nd day of school, and i'm going for new lectures again.
The lecture groups are really small, and all my lectures are pretty centralised. Looks like i'm not going to walk around much in Kaist.
I still managed to snap some pics though. See them after the 'ReadMore'
Well, school has started. The holiday has ended. :(
Looks like i'm only going to update the blog on the weekends when and if i travel.
Click to read more and see the pictures.
Today is a pretty nua day. Woke up to have breakfast at 9am, only to go back to room to sleep until 12pm, had lunch then headed to the world cup stadium. Rather slack. School's starting tomorrow, and the stupid school portal doesn't allow me to access using my mac. -.-

Lunch was cheap at 2500won, and it was rather like Katsu Don.

Well, not many pictures today because we didn't do much, and because i think the guys are getting sick of me koping photos from them, so yea. Haha. Maybe i should start using my phone's camera more. :p

Woke up at 12pm, and went to the bank to get some money. The queue was incredibly long as usual.
Medical check up at 2pm, and we all didn't drink wate because one of the KAIST staff told us not to, but end up we had to do a urine test, and we could drink. Dumb shiet. Ended up thirsty for nothing, and couldn't piss.

Lunch was spicy pork, bbq-ed again. But still nice. :D was filling and delicious. The brazilian guys thought it was too spicy though, they weren't used to spicy food. Haha.
As the title suggests, we went to the beach today.
I'm not really tired, and i don't have to wake up early tomorrow, but since it's worked pretty well so far, i'll do the narrating in the picture comments. :)

Day 3! Went hiking, and walking, and sight see-ing. Damn tired.
Let the pictures do the talking again! 36 pics today!

Damn tired, so i'll let the pictures my friend took do the talking. :D
After a very touching send off by my great parents, and friends, and girlfriend (amazingly i didn't cry :p), a 6 hour long flight, and a 3 hour bus ride, i'm settled down in KAIST.

From the super messy packing of luggage,
Here's my packlist so far for korea.
Do give inputs on what else i should bring. :D

Well, its been 1 hectic week of fighting fires in HSOC (Hall Six Orientation Camp).
And, here's page 3. Page 4, and page 5, which i'm not too proud of. Haha.

And here you go, page 4. :) Please enlarge to read it. Its supposed to be 2 pages long.

Alright, the title kinda says it all.
Oh and i got a new camera app for my phone, and it does all diff kinds of effects. So i guess my pictures will be all with weird effects, at least until the novelty wears off me. Haha. Bear with it.

Nanyang Poly Audi
The grad was a pretty short ceremony. Interesting points to note:
1. There was a bagpipe playing guy, who sounded like he was going to 'zhao sia' at some parts, or maybe thats how bagpipes sound.
2. The graduates don't have mortarboards. Even the doctorates. According to European custom i think. They are 'clapped' on the head with a velvet clapper instead. Cute. Haha.

I spent the last couple of days doing up a storyboard/comic strip for my hall orientation camp.
No idea who camp up with the idea, and no idea why i end up doing it. But oh wells.

Had alot of help from Darras Ang and Goh Yiling though. GYL for sketching some, and Darras for finding all the image sources from the net.

I have been spending like 2 hrs a day at the national library to read comics for insipration (actually its just because i like reading comics, and i can siam from work to read during lunch. HA!)

Here's what we have so far. More pictures as we go along. Click 'read more' to see.

Went to KL again, but this time in a plane, with the lifeguard peeps.
Man the plane tickets were really cheap, $50+ for a round trip. Saved quite alot of time.
The airport was cui though. LCCT. food damn ex, and not nice. AND DON'T HAVE MY MAGNUM!
Searched for it high and low on the last day back.

More after the break (pictures too)

I didn't know liang seah street looked like this.

Taken on my way to lunch at 11.30 pm. When the streets and most coffee shops are empty of the office crowd. Heng i have flexible lunch hours.

Location : Woodlands Avenue 10,


Warning: this post is pretty much a rant. Read on if you're still interested.

More pictures after the break.

Found a rather cool game at kongregate.
Basically a song plays, and the notes come out according to the rhythm and stuff.
The aim is to move the mouse, and collect as many notes as possible.
Yellow notes are multipliers, and purple ones turn your mouse into a magnet. :)

You can even upload songs and use them. mp3s only though, so no wmvs and aacs.
Here's a song i uploaded.

If you need an uploading service, you can can dropbox. Its like a free 2GB online thumbdrive, with good upload and download speeds. Ji shiok. :)
Please use my referral, we both get extra 250MB of space!

Hope you like the game!

Spiderman, spiderman. Does whatever a spider can.

Thanks dear. :)
Happy Birthday Dear! :)

Was just thinking in the toilet.
Came up with 4 stages.

and just got to write it out. so it can be safe to say it'll pretty much be ramblings. at least until i find the time/motivation to come back and edit this.

1. Finding out the mistakes of others
This one is the easiest. And the most oft done. When you see people pointing fingers, and criticising others. Somehow, this is human nature. Its damn easy to spot the mistakes of others. And this needs no elaboration.

Have been rather busy the past few days.

My workplace

With work at RDI on monday and tuesday. Have been telling everyone i teach design there. And i always get the same reply:"WHAT?! u teach design? hahahahahha".

Past few days have been good to say the least.
Slacking at home, meeting the girl, and going for an interview for an Admin job.
Have yet to tell them i have reservist coming up tho. :p

Caught a few movies too.

1st, Ninja Assassin.

I never knew South Park was so deep. Hahaha.

Looking to switch to Gmail?

Here's a nice little article on how to get into the Dean's List.

Remember when i showed you how to drag and drop attachements in Gmail? Now we can drag and drop images too. :)

Tip for today. If you often use rapidshare to dl free stuff, and hate having to wait for the countdown to end, here's a neat hack to skip that.

Exams are over! At last.
4 sems chionging is really burning me out man.
I really do hope i get the Korea exchange, if not, theres really not much motivation to study next sem man.

Anws, caught Iron Man 2 with Dear. It was A.W.Esome. with a AWE in caps. haha.
Its seriously geek porn man. haha. The image above is 1024x780 if i'm not wrong, so u can set it as a wallpaper. :D


almost everyone has packed up and gone home. bringing my mood to study along w them. urgh.
not to mention this humid weather is totally not helping.
What do you see when you view my blog?

Here's a nifty new trick for Gmail users.

Simplicity sells.

Only when we don't have the luxury of time, do we have the urge to learn new stuff, or do things which we don't do when we are free.

Like when i'm supposed to be studying for exams, i want to:

1.) Restart blogging
2.) Learn CSS and advanced html
3.) Do up all the album art in itunes
4.) Read design blogs
5.) Read up on typography
6.) Get my hands on CS5 somehow
7.) Read uncountable reviews about HTC Legend and Desire
8.) Try new ideas for wallpapers

Is it an escape from stress? Do we really enjoy it?
Why don't i get around to doing it after exams?

Maybe its because there are more stuff i want to do after exams which i REALLY can't do now.
But yet these are the things i can still nudge my calendar around to justify doing, in the name of stress relief.

Whatever, time to sleep. And wake up early tmr. Relatively. 
Here's something to remind you of what you should be doing. 1280 x 800
As i have a new google account, here's starting a new blog.
The old one's still there, but this is so i don't have to keep signing out of my google account and signing in again to post something. I'm blogging so little as it is already.

So hopefully this will bring up the frequency of posts.

As the url suggests, this page is for rants. MY rants. And so i post what i like. :)

And as of now I don't have much to post. (If anyone is interested, i have 2 more papers to go for this semester of exams. The 4 that just past were a pretty bad experience.)