2nd Weekend not travelling

Warning! Boring post.

Spent my 2nd weekend in Korea not travelling. The workload is getting intensive. Hai.

Random pics around school after the break.

Blah blah blah.

Got a rather cute paper bag from the tailor after altering my jeans.

And the other side.

Sleeping with his mouth open. Nice.

The trees at night.

Lighted by this movie-esque spotlight.

A rather cute stall facade i saw on the way to dinner.

I didn't know they made Jagermeister dispensers.

Its been too long since i last climbed. Super weak now. pumped after just one route. Met a guy from an exotic place which i can't rmbr now. Super fit. Thats him there.

I didn't know there was an accessible rooftop at my dorm. Cool.

Play burger again, for dinner. They changed the menu style.


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