I know, i know. Its already August. But better late than never right?

So here goes.

We heard the Swensons was super cheap there. And so, the first day we went to visit the Swensons at Platinum mall.

And it was really rather cheap. $8 for two sundaes. Woots.
After a whole day of shopping, i got a packet of Phat Thai at a roadside stall. SUPER YUMMY. and uber cheap. S$1.20.
Ate it at an A&W restaurant.

With the draft root beer. Awesome.

Baiyoke Sky, the hotel we stayed in, had a pretty cool old style exhibit.

We took the trains everywhere we went. haha. no cabs, no tuktuks, no nothing. but lots of walking. haha.

Hot hot hot. Had some SUPER fizzy drinks. i thought can keep the glass bottles, but cannot. :(

Stuff on the first day. Doesn't look much, but ITS ACTUALLY ALOT HOR!

Swensons, swensons, after every meal. hahha. Thats why we need to walk. Burn off all the fats.

We walked the length of Chulalongkong University, to get to this seafood place. Because we kinda shopped away all the spare cash we brought out. HAHA. And just nice they were having convocation i think. So there were alot of roadside stores selling stuff toys for DAMN CHEAP. 100 baht. wtf.

After the uber long walk, finally.

Lucky the food was worth it. Crab, prawns, sotong, fish, etc. And only $40 for 2. Shiok. Max.

Fat, full, empty plates.

On the long walk back to the train station, we spotted MOBILE VIP TOILET! How cool is that? In shades of blue and green too.

Loot for the 2nd day. With the hand made flower we bought with our last remaining baht.

Massage at this pretty 'famous online' massage parlour. We went once a day for the 4 days we were there. Loyal customers.

Sud sud, not me.

The 'decades ago' exhibit was so well done up, with so much attention to detail, i had to take some close ups.

Everything was bolted down. If not they would be koped i guess.

Just nice our hotel was Thailand's tallest building. Haha.

View from the top. Nothing fantastic though. Just another tall tower in another city. If you've been to the Eiffel tower, the rest are peanuts.

Mango Sticky rice, which was pretty underwhelming for its price. I think we ate at the wrong place. The mangos and pineapples at the roadside stalls were awesome. I think they were the cause of my 3kg gain in weight.

Roadside drinks stall. The auntie made the bandung on the spot. Not the usual flavor i was used to though.

All the syrups.

While walking from Siam paragon to some other shopping center, we got stopped. Everyone got stopped. Traffic, trains, people, everyone. Just so some political figure could drive past i think. Maybe its the king. or president. or some other big shot. Lucky SG don't have like that. 

Walked some distance to TESCO, in search of Thailand's snacks. Failed. Haha.

And we were too lazy to walk back, so took a short Tuk Tuk ride. Our first, and only one. Lots of exhaust man. And the driver kept driving in the opposite direction. Felt like a scene in 2Fast2Furious.

Cheap manicure from Siam Square. Caught quite alot of attention from random tourists in the hotel. haha. 

Swensons again, what else? :D

The FAKE Somboon seafood. Don't get cheated guys!

Spot the cleaner hanging outside. This is at 80 stories btw. Spotted during breakfast.

Chatuchat market. The supposed must see place. Nothing much though. Hot, squeezy, and large.

With pink vans.

The massage parlor we were loyal customers of. 

One last A&W meal. It was rather ex, but the floats were really OUT OF THIS WORLD.

Ratchprarop, the station nearest to our hotel.

And finally, on the train to the airport, which was pretty comfy, and fast. Beats taking a cab,  risking the jams and the cheats. Haha.