Korea Day 12! Live Octopus!

Nothing much today, since we're pretty much settled into school.
I still have homework due tomorrow which i haven't done.
Had an Orientation thingy today by some International Students Organisation in Kaist. Went out to eat, and paid 20 000 won. Which is like SGD$24.
I feel totally ripped off. Because the live octopus was only like 7000won i think, for 5 people. -.-
Videos and pictures after the 'Read More'.

Finally installed Windows 7 on my mac, from the aging winxp. The Dvd i got from Kaist didn't work, so i had to dl another copy and burn into a DVD instead. Lucky download speeds are fast here. 3mbps download. 10 times what i have at home. :D

The standard glass soju(rice wine) bottles. These are the small ones. The big ones are like big white plastic milk bottles. I'll get a picture next time if i can. Drink quite abit of this, and a few bottles of beer. So i guess we did make up the 20000won. But still, tsk.

Dinner was steamboat clams, mussles, and some pathetic prawns. The restaurant was overwhelmed by the number of foreigners, that they don't have enough to go around i think. I'm hungry now. Grrrr.
Video of the live octopus when we got them.
Vid of me eating the 4th or 5th one, because the 1st one was recorded pretty badly. Not that this one is good, but relatively better. Its actually quite tasty, salty, and tough. And the suction cups suck the tongue, so its kinda weird. But overall, nice. :D

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  1. urgh. the octopus damn disgusting. i will never try it. haha.

    buy me a "lee min ho" back. hahaha!