Korea Day 3! Sikjiansan hike!

Day 3! Went hiking, and walking, and sight see-ing. Damn tired.
Let the pictures do the talking again! 36 pics today!

Bunch of us going to take a hike up one of the mountains in Daejong.

Bought a metro card much like an EZlink card, and took the metro

Watched the commercials and accouncements on the train,

Daejeon only has one metro line.

And we took tot he end of it, Panam station, which apparently means Paris, in french, according to our french friend.

We walked, and walked, and looked at maps,

Saw bus stops,

Until we found a way under the expressway, leading to the mountains.

This the the mountain, Sikjiangsan.

There was a temple halfway up,

With a huge gong,

We took a picture with a chatty monk over there. As you can see, we made friends with 2 brazilians, a french, and a german. :)

And we continued trekking, 

Looking at the view,

And walked,

Until the submit, which was only 600m above sea level. -.-

They had toilets which looked like this, cute.

Too shagged, so we took a bus back to panam,

And a train to Daejong, where we looked for lunch.

Which was again,
BBQ meat! 8000++ won.

A Love seat in Daejong city,

Small pancakes, which are 5 for 1000 won, and the nice auntie gave us 1 extra for free. :)

The canel/river was nicely decorated.

And macdonalds soft serve is all over the world man.

But i prefer the super tall icecream for 1000won.
 Thats all folks! Beach tomorrow!


  1. nice view. the metro card damn cute... ohoh. tt red t shirt guy is the shuai brazilian?! hahaa!

    i LOVE the love seat in daejeon. so pretttyyy! i wanna take a pic if i go visiting in dec! & that ice cream is gg to make you FAT! hahaa.

    looking forward to your pics tmr.

    i missyou. loads.

  2. Where buff, fat lo. From ice cream. :D