Visited Desaru, Malaysia over the Christmas weekend with my extended family and girlfriend. Was a 3 day 2 night rest, relax and slack holiday I guess. Didn't do much except slack. Visited a fruit farm, where i took some pictures with the cam. I'll upload them when i get them.

For now, here's a pano shot of the rather large, but uncarpeted room, from my phone.

Edit: time for the pictures! :)

Walking along the road looking for food.

Besides speeding Protons, there were squashed scorpions too.

Pretty funny sticker on a signboard.

Visited a fruit farm too. What you see are Dragonfruit flowers.

Enthusiastic Guide

And that is a bittergourd. Ha.

Passionfruit anyone? :)

Laksa leaf.

A cat thinking its a Tiger.

Back to FYP! which i'm stuck.

Oh, the new Asics army running shoes are pretty comfy.

Decided to do up some cover photos for my facebook timeline just now. I'll be changing them weekly! :D

I'm just a sucker for interface changes. haha. Just can't understand why everyone else resist change so much. Heh.

If you haven't already got it, here's an introduction to Timeline:
Alternatively, just visit my profile. :)

P.S: That's me in the picture.
Edit: My phone is working now! Muahahahhaa. The power of rice, silicon gel, a ziploc bag, and a few days of drying. :)
Here's a pic taken with the Pano app on my phone.
MBS Infinity pool at dusk

The room! :D

Just ended reservist, and just in time for a small 2 day 1 night get-away, at MBS. The girl had been waiting for this for quite some time. I just wanted to chill out after exams and ICT, before FYP continues.

So, let the pictures do the talking.

Checked in to the deluxe suite we got at staff discount. 7th floor, but you get what you pay for. :D

As expected, the infinity pool was awesome. At least the view was.

How did they get the coconut trees up so high?!

The horizon baby, how often can you see that in Singapore?

Stayed from evening till night. The only gripe i have is that the pool is damn cold. 

Dinner at Hangoga Korean BBQ.

Brings back memories 1 year old.

The kimchi jijang which i ordered by mistake. Supposed to be seafood. But was still good non-the-less.

Seafood pancake. Not very awesome for its price.

Woke up at 6.30am to enjoy the infinity pool without the crowd. Shiok.

Half of the polaroids we took.

Laying down in front of a pool of water, overlooking the city. Pretty darn good.
And well, after that my phone took a dip in the pool. And pretty much died on me. Its drying off in a ziplock bag of rice and silica gel right now. Don't have very high hopes for it though. :(

In all, was a rather enjoyable retreat, kinda expensive with the dinner and the phone. But still pretty good overall. :D

Well, after all the hype about this show while I was having exams, I finally got a chance to catch it today. :)

I got to say that its pretty awesome. But I would have been able to relate to it more if not for 那些年,我的班里没有女孩。But non-the-less, was a pretty good show

I learnt, for example, that taiwanese dudes love to masturbate together, and pee into bottles. HAHA.

But seriously, sometimes, being all that mature ain't gonna make you too happy either. We all know what we need to do, what we should do, and what we shouldn't. We know what things are stupid, and silly. But sometimes, we should just throw all that out of the window and let the child inside you out for a little spin. Come on. We all deserve that once in awhile. And unless you are an old grouch, you have  that little bit of childishness hidden inside.

So take a chill pill and have some fun sometimes people!

On a side note, that lead actor is a pretty sad dude, being led along for so long, and getting to kiss the groom at the end. HOW SAD CAN. Haha.

btw, anyone who reads Ippo should know the references to the gazelle punch and the Dempsey Roll in the 'fight scene'. haha. pleasantly surprised me.

Here's the soundtrack, enjoy!

Side note:
my new Snickers pencil box! :)

Lets play 'how small can your font go' in the cheatsheet you're gonna bring into the next exam.

Note that I didn't do this up myself, only edited it. But you can be sure the cheatsheets of the rest of the cohort are around the same standard, if not denser.