Desaru 2011 (updated with pictures!)

Visited Desaru, Malaysia over the Christmas weekend with my extended family and girlfriend. Was a 3 day 2 night rest, relax and slack holiday I guess. Didn't do much except slack. Visited a fruit farm, where i took some pictures with the cam. I'll upload them when i get them.

For now, here's a pano shot of the rather large, but uncarpeted room, from my phone.

Edit: time for the pictures! :)

Walking along the road looking for food.

Besides speeding Protons, there were squashed scorpions too.

Pretty funny sticker on a signboard.

Visited a fruit farm too. What you see are Dragonfruit flowers.

Enthusiastic Guide

And that is a bittergourd. Ha.

Passionfruit anyone? :)

Laksa leaf.

A cat thinking its a Tiger.

Back to FYP! which i'm stuck.

Oh, the new Asics army running shoes are pretty comfy.


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