Past 3 days: Dear's graduation, HSOC senior's camp and 2nd anniversary

Alright, the title kinda says it all.
Oh and i got a new camera app for my phone, and it does all diff kinds of effects. So i guess my pictures will be all with weird effects, at least until the novelty wears off me. Haha. Bear with it.

Nanyang Poly Audi
The grad was a pretty short ceremony. Interesting points to note:
1. There was a bagpipe playing guy, who sounded like he was going to 'zhao sia' at some parts, or maybe thats how bagpipes sound.
2. The graduates don't have mortarboards. Even the doctorates. According to European custom i think. They are 'clapped' on the head with a velvet clapper instead. Cute. Haha.

Headed over to NSRCC for the seniors camp next, and spent the night doing some photoshop. Slept on the hard cold floor and had a slight backache. 3 hrs of sleep.

Room of the 'retarded ricky'
Took some pics of the 'Goonies night' stations that i helped set up. Gave quite a few ideas too. Hope they are implemented. Haha. Look frightening?

Table where they 'da xiao ren'
Then was dispicable me and korean bbq lunch at Tampines One. No pics for the day. Got a Moshi keyboard protector from the girl as an anni gift. Dang. Now i feel guilty for not buying her anything. In my defense, i paid for everything the next day, and made her a nice little pop-up card. :D
Moshi keyboard protector. Nearly invisible.
With her 'Grad pig' at the korean bbq place.
Spicy chicken wings that weren't really spicy, but still tasty.

Grad shoot. The uncle was surprisingly good.
The grad shoot was at Gloria's at raffles place. Small place, but the people were friendly. And the auntie said i was handsome. *head in clouds* muahahaha.
Went out and took some photos outside too. Despite the slight drizzle.

in front of UOB centre. The pic somehow looks stretched

Caught the Sorcerer's Apprentice. Wasn't very good. Even for a Disney movie. Lame ass storyline. Man, could be much much better. Oh wells.

Dinner at fish n co.

On the way home. Love the way the camera app hides all my pimples. :D
Annnnnddddd, thats all folks.
Happy 2nd Anniversary Dear. :)
Love you.


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