HSOC is over, now its...

Well, its been 1 hectic week of fighting fires in HSOC (Hall Six Orientation Camp).

Really feeling the effects of getting old. Endurance of sleep deprivation is really cui to the max.
Didn't really interact with the freshies much this time, kinda busy w main comm stuff, and random things that needed to be done, and didn't follow the OG around too much. Oh wells, someone had to do it.
Still had fun though, and got to know some seniors much better, like WeiLun, and Regina. :)
Survived on very little sleep, and got dirty again during initiation.
Finally its over.

Sent Zhihong off straight after breaking camp, and got hit by the realisation that I'M LEAVING IN 3 MORE DAYS! arghhhhhh!!!!

Yes, in case you don't already know(if you're reading this blog, you should), i'm going to South Korea on exchange. And i'm leaving on the 25th Aug 2010.

I've probably got to be one of the few people who aren't really looking forward to going on exchange. As i've told a few friends, i'm kinda apprehensive about it.

1. Because i'm stepping out of my comfort zone into the unknown.
Don't know what courses i can manage to register there.
Don't know what culture to expect.
Don't know many people going there that well.
Don't know the language.
Don't know my accomodation.
Don't have any concrete travel plans.

2. Because i don't really have a particular liking for Korea.
I don't listen to kpop.
I don't watch korean dramas. I'm almost finished with IRIS already though,
I don't speak korean.
I don't really like kimchi.

3. I'm leaving behind my friends, family, and most importantly, girlfriend.

Well i'm pretty sure i can adapt, and still have fun, but still.....

I've yet to pack, because it would really mean i'm flying off soon. :(
I'll start tomorrow though.



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