Korea Day 6! World cup Stadium! *edit*

Today is a pretty nua day. Woke up to have breakfast at 9am, only to go back to room to sleep until 12pm, had lunch then headed to the world cup stadium. Rather slack. School's starting tomorrow, and the stupid school portal doesn't allow me to access using my mac. -.-

Lunch was cheap at 2500won, and it was rather like Katsu Don.

Found a fruit market on the way to the stadium.

View from the top, we bought bananas to share. :)

The stairs had large mirrors, on every turn, which lets the person at the very top see all the way to ground floor, so people won't end up getting stuck when moving bulky goods down. Cool.

The Daejeon World Cup 2002 Stadium.

From the back, with the many flag poles at the side.

One of the ticketing offices, with information of the match, and the 2002 world cup logo above.

The inside fo the stadium.

The right side, with seats colored to show 'Daejeon'

The left side, which is the vip seats?

Once more. :)


And i found this waterbag thingy in the shape of a hand selling at the store, weird. No idea what's it for.

There was a freaking huge ass climbing wall there too! At least 4 or 5 stories high, and plenty wide. Largest i've seen so far. The little dots you see below, are people climbing.

And we found the fish market. :D

With live flower crabs.

And Sotongs.

And octopus and prawns.

And hums, and cockles, and whatnot.

And fish of course.

Life octopus, which we were going to buy 2 to eat alive, until the uncle told us it doesn't count by the number of octopus we buy, but the number of heads going into the restaurant. -.-

Huge Ass crabs.

Next, we went to a Spa in Yuseong. Was smaller than expected. They had pools of different temperatures ranging from 20ºC to 43ºC. And they even had a suana at 66ºC.
I nearly boiled myself in the 43ºC pool, but the 66ºC suana was rather shiok.

The thing was, everyone was stark naked. So i saw uncles and OLD uncles walking around naked and washing themselves and what not. Totally unnerving.

We only paid 5000won, so we only went to the spa part. But for 7000, we could get the jimjilbang, which lets you stay overnight, and has a lanshop, or PCbang as they call it here. And a DVD room, and sleeping room, and what not. Rather cool.

No pictures naturally. I don't think the uncles will take too kindly to me taking pics of them naked.

Dinner was cold noodles, in ice. there wasn't any meat, at all. Man, i'm starting to feel hungry already.
The noodles were tough, and had to be cut by a pair of scissors. Had to add mustard and vinegar or oil in too.

Here's a chunk of ice. Haha!
I'm munching on crackers, and trying to access my school website now. It only allows internet explorer i think. KNS!
Can't even register my courses. Lame shit.

P.S: Just opened my 2nd card from my sweet gf, one week after the 1st. Thanks Dear! Miss you loads! :)
P.P.S: Happy 25th month. :D


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