Hey guys, i'm sorry for the lack of updates even after the trip. There's too much to update, and i'm too my neck in shitloads of work.

Seriously, i think it may be more stressful here than in NTU. Just finished all my last minute tutorials.

So before i plunge into the update, here's a summary of what we did the 9 day holidays.

18th Sept 2010. Day 1
-Travelling to Seoul on Mugunghwa
-Myeongdong shopping!
-Dog meat stew, Busengtang
-Bungalow Pub $4 Jagerbombs

19th Sept 2010. Day 2
-Changyeonggong Temple
-Seoul tower, Teddy Bear Museum
-Myeongdong Noreabang

20th Sept 2010. Day 3
-Everland! :D

21st Sept 2010. Day 4
-IA application
-Wasted day

22nd Sept 2010. Day 5
-Train to Busan
-Gwangalli Beach at night

23rd Sept 2010. Day 6
-Beomeosa Temple
-Haeundae Beach
-APEC House

24th Sept 2010. Day 7
-Jagalchi Fish Market
-PIFF square
-Seomyeon Underground
-Busan Electronics Wholesale Street

25th Sept 2010. Day 8
-Haedong Yonggungsa Temple
-Lotte Town, Uniqlo!
-Shanghai Street

The pictures will come another day, actually they're on facebook already, but yea. And the specific stories too.

Just celebrated Luiz's birthday(pics soon!), gonna try to stick to my word and start sleeping early. Good night!
Its going to be the Chuseok holidays from next tuesday to thursday.
Classes are cancelled next friday, and i'm skipping classes next monday.
Which means..... 9 day holiday! :D

Seoul from Saturday morning, to Tuesday night.
Busan from Wednesday morning to Sunday night.

I'll be bringing my laptop along, but i don't think i'll get much time to post. I'll update when i can, and maybe after the trip is done.

For now, back to trying to finish the ton of homework each lecturer gave, assuming that no one is going to travel/play/relax for the holidays. -.- Are teachers taught to give alot of homework for holidays when they are in NIE? Even though we experienced the shittiness of homework during holidays when we were studying ourselves.

Random pics after the break.
Went on our third hike since I came to Seoul. A place called Songnisan National Park. 1.5hrs bus ride from Daejeon. 7300won.

Woke up damn early, and missed the bus. Ended up waiting for 1hr for the next bus. -.-
The start of the trek was flat drivable road for like 3km. Walk until sian man. But the trek started getting more decent after that. Pictures and vids after the break!
Friday was a rather slack day, with only one lesson. Went to 2 korean classes, to try and see if i can take it w/o the exams, but got rejected twice. Sad.
Saw quite a few interesting sights around school though.
Headed to a NoRaeBang 노래방 or karaoke in the night. Was rather cheap at 1300won a head. Which is like SGD$2. And the room is damn huge too. :)
Oh ya. cut my hair too!
Pics below. :D

Well, school days, nothing much to update about.
But i still managed to take some pictures, so here they are. :)
Nothing much today, since we're pretty much settled into school.
I still have homework due tomorrow which i haven't done.
Had an Orientation thingy today by some International Students Organisation in Kaist. Went out to eat, and paid 20 000 won. Which is like SGD$24.
I feel totally ripped off. Because the live octopus was only like 7000won i think, for 5 people. -.-
Videos and pictures after the 'Read More'.
Ahhh, have been back pretty late the past 2 nights, so i've got quite abit to upload.
A total of 64 pics, so click to view after the break!

Well, its the 2nd day of school, and i'm going for new lectures again.
The lecture groups are really small, and all my lectures are pretty centralised. Looks like i'm not going to walk around much in Kaist.
I still managed to snap some pics though. See them after the 'ReadMore'
Well, school has started. The holiday has ended. :(
Looks like i'm only going to update the blog on the weekends when and if i travel.
Click to read more and see the pictures.