Korea Day 9, 10 11! Santa Claus, Downtown, Gyeryongsan!

Ahhh, have been back pretty late the past 2 nights, so i've got quite abit to upload.
A total of 64 pics, so click to view after the break!

Day 9! Friday!
The school has traffic guys who ask people to cross the road!

We went to the library to get some books we needed, and saw this super thick and big dictionary.

And the library has study areas too! In fact, theres a library dedicated to just studying, even tho i haven't visited it yet. And i hope i won't need to. :)

Got a red bean ice cream to eat while...

Walking across the beach in school. HAHA! Which is actually the cui field. Which has no grass.

The brazilian guys who were here for 2 years already, brought us to eat some pork bbq (again!).

And a bar called santa claus, and sponge, after dinner. Both were ang moh bars, full of foreigners. Haha. Didn't feel like drinking, so left kinda early. Haha. Still slept late tho.
We originally planned to go hiking, but the rest of the guys came back from the bar at like 6am, so it was cancelled. We all slept in till lunch, for which i had cheese pork cutlet, 4500won. Ex but nice. :D

Headed to Daejeon station, where they call downtown, for some shopping, and saw some old ladies in traditional clothes taking pics in the freaking hot weather. Haha. It must be a suana inside their costumes.

The street of downtown. Quite dirty eh. No wonder they said singapore is clean.

Saw some kids doing taekwando, man, they're damn good. We should get them to be cheerleaders or something, with all their flipping and tumbling. Haha.

Shot some bb guns, which are like modified m16s, at an arcade. 2000won. Not worth it, but it totally feels like an m16, except for the lack of recoil.

And they have karaoke boxes! Like literally boxes, only space for 2 people to sit inside and sing. Haha! Really Kbox!

This is the inside of the Kbox. :D

Headed for dinner after some shopping, and guess what we had. BBQ pork again! That is the piece of lard we used to grease the hot plate.

Super fat. Who said korean food was healthy? Haha!

With the hugely tall french guy from cameroon we call 'heartbreaker' cause he broke up with his girlfriend jsut before exchange. 

More walking around brought us to some fruit masks, damn cool. So many different flavors.

We spotted Rotiboy! Haha! And if you can see, the sign below say ' Giving Singapore another shot' I wonder what it means. Are we gonna see Rotiboys in sg again? I'm pretty sure they can't survive selling one type or bread tho. 

Chanced upon cheap havianas selling at 5900won. And grabbed a pair. Only had 2 colours there though, and limited sizes. And went to a french cafe for a drink. Paris Baguette.

And they say 'bye' to their customers on the drinks. Hmm. Chasing people away after taking money?
 Sunday! Gyeryongsan National Park!

We headed to Gyeryongsan national park early in the morning, to make up for what we didn't do on saturday. Haha. Took a bus down to Gyeryongsan, which was 18km away from Daejong.
There were many old people decked out in full gear to trek. Scare me sia. Make me think the trek damn hard.
Oh and i realised korean old people generally are freaking rude, and damn arrogant, and like to scold people, and like to hike alot.

Here's a close up of the gear. Steady hor?

The stores at the foot of the mountain sold straw slippers, cool.

Oh and hats too.

And we had to pay 2000 won to enter the place. -.-

They have many of such rock piles around the park.

And here's a closer look. 

Theres also a tree with a heart shape thingy. :)

And many temples as usual.
And worms too, which Kyle tried to eat. Haha!

Halfway up, there was a rest stop, with some statue thingy, with a cute monk figurine inside.

The view from mid mountain. With some crops planted by the monks there.

Right over the crops.

These cute figurines were set just above

The stream/turtlehead/tap spitting out fresh filtered mountain water that we can drink.

It was kinda slow though, so we took water from the small 'well' below it instead. Super clear, super cold. Shiok!

One more view, from donnue where.

This is what a chestnut looks like. Sharp thorns.

And inside.


Some pictures at the peak of one the highest mountain there.

Shiok eh.

And i'm on the top of the world. :D

Climbing down

To the edge of the world.

To find a whole new world! :D ok, that was lame.

But its really cool there, and the view was superb. Kinda scary though, a misstep means a 100m drop.

Climbing up and down this rock to get to where i was just now.

I like this photo, because its really the edge of an outcropping.

Nike Bottle! :D

The few of us who 'conquered' this mountain. Actually it was nothing much, just a day hike. Haha! Really nothing compared to what we did last time in AJ Odac. Now i really wonder how i managed to carry a 18kg babpack and climbed 3 days up and down a mountain, when now 5 hours with a light bagpack is enough to tire me out.
Our 'heartbreaker' socialising with a korean auntie on the way down? :D

A small waterfall, where we soaked our legs.

And another larger one right before we left the park... Ok, 3km before we left the mountain. :P

The 4 gods of the four directions.

Dong Nan Xi Bei. 东南西北。

And bye bye Gyeryongsan!

They have airpumps, for us to blow out sand on our shoes, so we don't dirty the place outside? I don't know. Kinda weird but fun to play with.

And dinner was an expensive mushroom filled, meat-little, steamboat. Which leaves me feeling super hungry now, even after a cup of cheese instant ramen. Urgh. Ripped-off.
Oh, and because of lunch/dinner, we missed the last bus back to Daejong, and had to take a bus to another town, Gongju, before taking yet another bus to Daejong. 4000won extra, and 1 hr more.

Waited 1 hr in the rain, trying to get a cab, among all the humsup cabdrivers who only stop for pretty girls in short shorts and high heels. KAO. Finally got on one that was watching a show on his 'GPS screen'. Mannnn....
Now i'm really tired. School again tomorrow, listening to teachers who speak korean 1/4 of the time. This blog post has really been hard to format and post. Good night folks!


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