Damn. I hit my 1GB photo upload limit.
I'm kinda lagging by 2 weeks to blog. Sorry!

All pictures are on facebook though.

Trying to use Flickr, but i can only upload a max 100mb a month, which is kinda pathetic.
So here's an update on Sokcho and Seoraksan, which i visited last last weekend.
Damn. I hit my 1GB photo upload limit. Anyone knows how else i can upload photos?
I'm kinda lagging by 2 weeks to blog. Sorry!

Pictures are on facebook though.
Spent the weekend at Seoul to catch the bboy battle of the year 2010 korea elimination. And since korea is kinda the country of breakdancing, its enough to say it was AWESOME.

Headed to Hongdae after to check out the halloween scene.
Was pretty cool, with quite afew people dressing up. And a crazy silent party where we got sennheiser wireless headphones, and partied to a DJ and Emcee which only we could hear. Haha. Trouped around the area, and pretty much stunned everyone else. Haha. It was probably quite hilarious to see a whole big group of people jumping and dancing around in silence. And shouting in unison too.

Went with a group of 'not really party' kinda people, so while Rusty and me were having fun at the silent party, they sat at Baskin Robbins and chilled. So we kinda felt guilty and returned the headsets soon, and walked around, and spent the night chilling at a cafe, people watching, and then a restaurant. Not exactly fun, but oh wells, the BOTY, people watching and silent party kinda made it a rather unique bday celebration already.

Pictures below, and i did up a rough trailer using iMovie '11. Basically threw in the vids, and see what came out. Wasn't good, but still watchable. Haha.