International Ballon Festival & Rock?

Spent the saturday at some International hot air balloon fiesta/food festival/beerfest/rockconcert.
Disappointingly though, they said the weather was too hot, so the balloons can't go up.
And the 300beer vendors, turned out to be one vendor, with international beers. -.-
The rock concert was okkkkkk..... but mostly in korean.
The naan at the food festival was ok though.

Pictures after 'Readmore'

If you open the picture, and squint really closely, you'll see an uber long string of kites. I'm pretty sure it went up more than 200m. Damn cool.

Grounded hot air balloon.

2 guys dressed in warrior costumes, for people to take photos with. But their backs were facing the sun, so my phone's camera can't take a decent shot from the front.

Here's the uber long kite. With a bear below, random.

They had a stage by the river, with a girl band in short skirts. But they can't sing.

The hot air balloon 'engine/flamethrower'

And the fuel in the basket.

Thats the whole thing. Quite small.

Reverse bungee anyone? :D

There was a pseudo-hangglider thing, suspended from a crane.

Which brought you up.

Turn you around.

Bring you to the water.

And sets you down. For 5000won. SGD7.

A small blimp on a lorry sitting at a corner of the field, i wonder why they put it there. Looks like daejeon yolgigu chunjeh, from my limited korean reading. :D

Paragliding harness+fan

And the guy spreading out the para 'shoot'?

Took quite alot of energy from him to keep it from flying off actually. The wind was strong.

One more look at the hang-glider.

The safety/danger line around the hangglider, which everyone ignored.

I just like how the fake HDR effect looks.

They had speedboats to bring people around the river, for a fee of course.

The hotairballoon on the ground, folded up.

And i thought they were going to set it up.

But i went behind and realised the guys were getting the wind out actually.

Saw a Hummer bike. Quite cool. i though hummers were big cars.

Turkish kabab at the food festival. There were quite a few turkish stalls around actually.

And a very sullen auntie selling pancakes and wafers. I bought the cinnamon sugar thingy on her left hand. Was quite nice, fresh out of the baking thing.

Indian naan! And meat.

Char-cooked. The naan was slapped on the side of the thing, and cooked there. 1st time seeing this for the sua-gu me.

A super high 'leng mien' mascot.

And a statue made, or made to look like it was made of ginseng. Haha.

Pasta made by a swedish chef. The colourful veggies caught my eye though. Not the food.

The rock concert stage. There were quite a lot of foreigners siting around drinking. 1st time i felt like i'm in Europe, when i'm in Korea.

Randomly, fireworks started. Maybe thats why there was fireworks that day when i was studying at the library. Video below. Nothing fantastic though.

And the flamethrower blows.

There were '孔明灯' for sale, and everyone were lighting them..

I never found out what they were called in korea though. But the night sky was full of them.

I got one and wrote some messages too. 5000won. :)

And some more. :D I know my handwriting is damn cui, but i wrote that in 5seconds, because there was a long queue behind me for the marker. Haha.

Finally, a hot air balloon rose up, for like 1 minute.

There was a cute little girl sending off one lantern. Can't really capture with my cam.

The riverside stage at night.

This is corn.....something. But the thing was spinning by itself, quite cool.

We went to play wii at some place after the festival got boring. I got owned damn badly in mario kart. I need more practice! haha.

An example of Konglish, taken while i was shitting. Haha. I'm pretty sure Singlish is not that bad. And even then, at least more Singaporeans can speak english than koreans. So stop dissing Singlish! Just make sure you can speak proper english when you have to. :)

And thats all folks. Time to do homework before midterms.


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