Updates!.... about school

The pictures are piling up, so i thought i'ld do an update about the recent activities first, and mayyyybbbbeeee i'll update about the chuseok trip. Hopefully before the semester ends. :D
Its been one week back at school, and i pretty much spent the first half of it catching up on tutorials, chionging them last minute.

Went out to celebrate a friend's birthday. We hung a pair of underwear stained with 'shit' on his door as a present. The video is on facebook: Facebook Luiz's bday present

I fixed up a bike i found.

Now i'm spending the weekend slacking in the dorm. What a waste of a weekend on exchange. But oh wells, i'm too lazy to plan.

So, below are the random images from the past few days.

Bamboo soju, they changed the container! From real bamboo to porcelain bamboo. Tsk.

The photocopying shop, and they have this extension thingy which lets them activate the scanning with their foot, nice! 

The restaurant we ate at, a burger store with a typography design concept.

Play burger. The spelling and grammer errors found, i don't know if they're on purpose or just Konglish(similar concept to english)

One wall.

Some posters. Guess the numbers!

The vitamin drinks. Pretty nice way to display them.

One of their namecards.

Cool drinks, which have already ran out. -.-

Smith Paul?

And a disco ball on the ceiling.

We went to a pub after, and played abit of pool. Man i suck. Found this poster rather interesting. Jagermeister!

Updated the maps on my wall for seoul and busan, complete with post its.

We used a pretty old DSLR for our lab, with no lens, and slide in AA batteries!

Topokki and dumpling soup.

The bike i found. Actually i found 2 bikes, unlocked, and abandoned. The rear gear of this bike was cui-ied, while the other bike was pretty much totalled except for the rear gear. So, i spent 1hr in the cold night air fixing this bike, using the other one. Would have cost me 15000won if i repaired it at the bike shop.

Oh, the only tool i had was this variable wrench, which i borrowed from the lab. Haha. Was pretty amazed that the lab assistant agreed to lend me.

Some of the many cards I had to get in korea. 

Today's dinner, super unhealthy fat pork.
And thats all folks. I'm hungry and sleepy.


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