Korea day don't know what. Midterms next week

Midterms are next week.
And i'm studying everyday.
Why oh why, do i have to do homework and study everyday on exchange? Maybe i should have went to the US, since Zhihong says all the tests are so easy. Haha.

Going to visit a HotAirBalloon Exhibition, and Rocktober fest tomorrow though. :)

Anyways, random pictures after the link.

Because the supermarts don't provide plastic bags, we get to tie up ur purchases. Sometimes with boxes, sometimes without.

Mug mug, in the library. What happened to the slack exchange?

Supposed to be fireworks, but can't really see them. Suddenly heard fireworks while studying. Pretty cool.

Roses are Red

Sunning my sneakers, because they're getting stinky here. I don't know why.

Remember the multicoloured pencils we used to us in primary school? 

Climb climb. i need climbing shoes man!

A cute fluffy dog i never knew existed in KAIST.

He couldn't keep still for a good photo though.
And here's a poorly taken vid from my phone.

Thats all folks. Time to sleep. Spent 1 hr trying to book the budget airtickets from a korean website.


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