Was just thinking in the toilet.
Came up with 4 stages.

and just got to write it out. so it can be safe to say it'll pretty much be ramblings. at least until i find the time/motivation to come back and edit this.

1. Finding out the mistakes of others
This one is the easiest. And the most oft done. When you see people pointing fingers, and criticising others. Somehow, this is human nature. Its damn easy to spot the mistakes of others. And this needs no elaboration.

Have been rather busy the past few days.

My workplace

With work at RDI on monday and tuesday. Have been telling everyone i teach design there. And i always get the same reply:"WHAT?! u teach design? hahahahahha".

Past few days have been good to say the least.
Slacking at home, meeting the girl, and going for an interview for an Admin job.
Have yet to tell them i have reservist coming up tho. :p

Caught a few movies too.

1st, Ninja Assassin.

I never knew South Park was so deep. Hahaha.

Looking to switch to Gmail?

Here's a nice little article on how to get into the Dean's List.

Remember when i showed you how to drag and drop attachements in Gmail? Now we can drag and drop images too. :)


Tip for today. If you often use rapidshare to dl free stuff, and hate having to wait for the countdown to end, here's a neat hack to skip that.

Exams are over! At last.
4 sems chionging is really burning me out man.
I really do hope i get the Korea exchange, if not, theres really not much motivation to study next sem man.

Anws, caught Iron Man 2 with Dear. It was A.W.Esome. with a AWE in caps. haha.
Its seriously geek porn man. haha. The image above is 1024x780 if i'm not wrong, so u can set it as a wallpaper. :D


almost everyone has packed up and gone home. bringing my mood to study along w them. urgh.
not to mention this humid weather is totally not helping.
What do you see when you view my blog?

Here's a nifty new trick for Gmail users.