Was just thinking in the toilet.
Came up with 4 stages.

and just got to write it out. so it can be safe to say it'll pretty much be ramblings. at least until i find the time/motivation to come back and edit this.

1. Finding out the mistakes of others
This one is the easiest. And the most oft done. When you see people pointing fingers, and criticising others. Somehow, this is human nature. Its damn easy to spot the mistakes of others. And this needs no elaboration.

2. Finding out your own mistakes
This is one step further, and even then, i dare to venture to say that half the population, or at least half the people i know now can't do this. Heck, i'll even admit, sometimes i can't see my own mistakes either.
And that's what friends are for, or enemies for that matter, to point out your mistakes.

Then again, there's a stage 2.5. Accepting criticism, and recognising our own mistakes, maybe even in when we still don't see what we've done wrong. This, i guess, is humility.
Make no mistake, its not easily done.

The above 2 can kinda be linked to the internal and external locus of control. When something goes wrong, do you blame others for it? Blame the weather, blame the traffic, blame the bugger that farted in the lift?
Or do you find it in yourself? Thinking, maybe I should do this, this and this, so that won't happen again next time.

And so, that is finding our own mistakes, and recognising them.

3. Learning from our mistakes
This is another one that we often hear, learning from our mistakes. And its often brought up in cases of any mistakes, and forgiveness. Yet, its easier said then done. Old habits die hard, and when we let our guard down, poof, the mistakes here again.

4. Learning from the mistakes of others
I feel this is the hardest. Sure, its easy to point out the mistakes of others, but then its not easy to recognise the same mistake within ourselves, and even harder to change, and learn from that mistake observed.
The best would be when you have yet to commit such a mistake, and you observe it in the behavior of others. And there's a mental note to not commit that mistake. To avoid doing what the other person did.
This, is guess, would be the highest level i know so far.
If you have more, please feel free to comment.

Having gone through the four, it must be said again that i know humans are flawed, that i am flawed. There are mixes of the cases. Sometimes even a super vigilant person might miss his/er own mistake. In fact, it might be very easy, due to the fact that they think they are in total control of themselves, that basic arrogance is missed. But that's just thinking too much, and didn't really make sense.

Anyways, lets strive to be the best we can. and live with no regrets.

Tired. Good night!


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