Switching from Hotmail to Gmail?

Looking to switch to Gmail?

You can import your emails from your Hotmail inbox to Gmail, and set it so that all emails still sent to your hotmail address will be pop-forwarded to Gmail.
This is very useful when you don't want to have to inform everyone that you changed email address. People can forget to change, not to mention the many web sign ups or accounts that may be linked to the old address.

Just head over to your Gmail account, enter the setting's section (top right of the main window).
Under the 'Accounts and Import' tab, the first option would be to import mail and contacts.
Click the button, put in your hotmail address, and password when prompted. Easy.

Do take note that the first import might take quite long, and all your mails will be labelled 'unread'. But you can just select all and change to 'Read'
Also, if you used folders to organise your email in hotmail, the email in those folders will not bad imported. Only mail in your inbox will be imported.
And all the imported mail will disappear from hotmail.

So yeps, quick and simple. And it removes one barrier to a change of email address.


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