Relaxation, Ninja Assassins, KickAss and Beth Cooper

Past few days have been good to say the least.
Slacking at home, meeting the girl, and going for an interview for an Admin job.
Have yet to tell them i have reservist coming up tho. :p

Caught a few movies too.

1st, Ninja Assassin.

If you haven't watched it, Don't.
Maybe i'm setting my standards too high with the 2 recent shows i watched, Iron man 2 and Ip man 2.
But mannnnn, this really sucks. The plot's a standard no brainer hollywood kind. Kid grows up into a ninja, rebels and fights for good. The hero is a sad and estranged dude that gets the chick, and kills everyone who stands in his way, somehow or another.
And really, Iron man was unrealistic, but still appealed to be 'maybe, just maybe it can be done, man i want a suit'. Ip man was 'WOW i want to learn kung fu'. Ninja Assassin was 'man thats just lame'.
A kid who dropped out of 'ninja school' takes on ALL the other students, and beats them flat in one move each? Thats lame man.

And? Rain is not even handsome in the show. Damn what a disappointment.

Next, is KickAss
Wow. I didn't know the poster was so nice. I like te splashing paint effect, kinda like my current wallpaper. :D
Anyways, this turned out to be a surprisingly nice show. Maybe 'cause it came after Ninja Assassin. Haha.
But really, the opening narrative had me hooked. Who didn't ever fantasised about being a super hero, with fancy powers, kicking the bad guys' asses? What really appealed to me was the reality in the show, how the main char really kinda is an average joe, yet isn't at the same time.
Hit Girl is really kinda off the reality charts though, but still a nice watch. Good time waster. :)

Last for today, was 'I love you, Beth Cooper'.
A little bit on the poster again. Cute concept, with the notebook ripout page and all, but just a touch cliché me-thinks. That, and Hayden Panettiere looks wayyyyy too photoshopped.

The movie was..... alright. Not fantastic, nothing to shout about. Standard chick flick. The guy had a huge nose man, really. And i'm amazed how Hayden managed to look so hot in some scenes, and so sub-standard in some. There is a nude scene in the showers, from the back, for the dudes out there. But i doubt it's her.

Oh, and she is pretty flat.

Anddddd..... that's all folks.
I'm planning on catching some old movies tmr, if i don't find anything else to do. South park's pretty good. And i may be going down to sign the contract for the admin job. *fingers' crossed*



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