Korea Day 8! 2nd Day of School

Well, its the 2nd day of school, and i'm going for new lectures again.
The lecture groups are really small, and all my lectures are pretty centralised. Looks like i'm not going to walk around much in Kaist.
I still managed to snap some pics though. See them after the 'ReadMore'

Only in korea, or maybe japan, do girls wear stilettos to lessons.  

The cool sensor thingy that vibrates when your food is ready, so you don't have to wait around, and the auntie doesn't have to go shouting 'NUMBER 69!'

Visited the pathetic pool.
Yes, the Kaist swimming pool is way pathetic.
Its 10mx25m, so its around 1/4 the size of a normal pool in Singapore.
Its divided into 4 lanes, and each lane has like 6 guys swimming.
So end up have to swim at the pace of the slowest swimmer in the lane. And i keep having to thread water. Uber lame.
Plus, there's a stupid rule that everyone has to wear swimcaps, so i went to buy one just to swim. Oh and its 1000won per entry. -.-
The only redeeming factor is that there is a suana in the toilet, and a hotbath. Haha!

Man schoolwork is hard. And i keep getting distracted.


  1. LOL, sorry cannot stop laughing at your "and the auntie doesn't have to go shouting 'NUMBER 69!'"

  2. Haha. Good ma. Got entertainment value, so you won't get so bored reading. :D