Sokcho + SeoRakSan (Updated with PictureS)

Damn. I hit my 1GB photo upload limit.
I'm kinda lagging by 2 weeks to blog. Sorry!

All pictures are on facebook though.

Trying to use Flickr, but i can only upload a max 100mb a month, which is kinda pathetic.
So here's an update on Sokcho and Seoraksan, which i visited last last weekend.

Dried durian which my friend brought from Singapore. Shiok

There was a sex-toy vending machine outside our room at the hostel in Sokcho

And a store selling traditional korean costume, Hanboks.

The seafood here was unlike Busan, we saw fat suckerfish.

And decoloured, bloated, kinda gross fish.


And there was a bull statue with humongous balls.

Spotted a shop selling vintage cameras.

And fishermen loading their haul of fish onto a lorry.

This is how they keep their nasi lemak like fish.

The eating place had lots of aunties waving and asking us to go to their stall.

And the 3 aunties behind who gut the fish we chose alive, and slice them up. Gross, but fascinating. You won't get to see this on a tour.

Silkworm larvae. I wanted to try, but i didn't want a whole cupful.

A bridge to a little jetty offshore. But can't see it in the dark.

Mr happy-about-to-be-eaten-stingray

Yann standing outside because we can't get wifi in Baskin Robbins. In the end we headed to a cafe to spend the rest of the night using the wifi there.

Headed to Seoraksan the next day.

Huge buddha statue.

And a little girl riding the dragon. Notice the writings on the tiles at the bottom left. There are lots of this at every temple i go to.

Just scenery

And more scenery

I think my hand covered the lens, but the effect turned out kinda good.

And more scenery

There was a hole at the side of the mountain, where people go up to pray.

Was a pretty long climb.

Autumn leaves. They all dried up by the time i get them back to the dorm though.

I think this is pretty.

At the peak of the Seoraksan. The wind was strong, to say the least.

We had dinner at a restaurant, which had a restroom so short, Yann had a hard time pee-ing. Haha.
I'll update on Jeonju next month! And Jirisan probably. Planning to climb the highest mountain in South Korea next week. This week will be spent in the dorm finishign the homework, or at least, trying to.

So far i've caught up with The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother. Now i'm on Two and a half Men. Not very nice though. Haha!


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