Korea Day 1! Packing and landing in Korea!

After a very touching send off by my great parents, and friends, and girlfriend (amazingly i didn't cry :p), a 6 hour long flight, and a 3 hour bus ride, i'm settled down in KAIST.

From the super messy packing of luggage,
to the in flight breakfast, which was superb. :) and 3 movies:Predators, Avatar the last airbender, and 1/4 of karate kid.

to the rather fast left handed drive bus ride to Daejeon.

Finally lunch/dinner of bbq meat and side dishes and rice wine, which added up to like 8000+ won. But was delicious.
Because the meal was at 5pm Korean time, i'm super hungry now, and so i just polished up out box of pocky like biscuits. Rather cheap, less than S$1. hahaha. Bought quite alot of stuff at HomePlus, one of the supermarkets near our school.

Finally, back in the hostel, unpacked and set up the laptop, went thru much trouble and brain wrecking to find out the password and settings for the internet.

Then I set about admiring the present Dear gave to me, a chipboard with pictures, and cards. And i'm supposed to read the cards week by week. Just read Week One's. :) Happy.

Thanks Dear! :D
Time to put the cheap mask i bought at the Face Shop, and hope my face gets better. :)

P.S: The average Korean girl ain't pretty. At least in Daejeon. :P


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