Korea Day 5! Medical Checkup!

Well, not many pictures today because we didn't do much, and because i think the guys are getting sick of me koping photos from them, so yea. Haha. Maybe i should start using my phone's camera more. :p

Woke up at 12pm, and went to the bank to get some money. The queue was incredibly long as usual.
Medical check up at 2pm, and we all didn't drink wate because one of the KAIST staff told us not to, but end up we had to do a urine test, and we could drink. Dumb shiet. Ended up thirsty for nothing, and couldn't piss.

Lunch was spicy pork, bbq-ed again. But still nice. :D was filling and delicious. The brazilian guys thought it was too spicy though, they weren't used to spicy food. Haha.
Headed to Daecheon station, the old downtown, to shop around. I didn't buy anything though, the tshirts were too small. Korean guys are tall and thin, and the cut totally didn't suit me. 1st time L felt wayyy too small for me.
Wanted to buy bags, but were hesitant because they were rather expensive at 56000won. Maybe later in the semester.
Headed to a German bar for a drink after the walking around.
The cool thing was that they have this hole in the table for each person to put their beers, and it was chilled to 4ÂșC! Actually, i think its lower, as ice formed around it. COOL! Should bring it to singapore, might earn big bucks. :D
Tomorrow, we'll head to the world cup stadium, and decide what else to do from there. Another group of friends heading to Expo theme park. But i think it would be kinda small, and not worth it. 
Not to mention the Ang Mo guys are funnier company. Haha.

I need to start going to cosmetics shops soon to check out the cosmetics and facial products, but they are always full of girls, and it's kinda daunting that i can't speak korean either. Ha.


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