Marina Bay Sands - A mini escapade

Edit: My phone is working now! Muahahahhaa. The power of rice, silicon gel, a ziploc bag, and a few days of drying. :)
Here's a pic taken with the Pano app on my phone.
MBS Infinity pool at dusk

The room! :D

Just ended reservist, and just in time for a small 2 day 1 night get-away, at MBS. The girl had been waiting for this for quite some time. I just wanted to chill out after exams and ICT, before FYP continues.

So, let the pictures do the talking.

Checked in to the deluxe suite we got at staff discount. 7th floor, but you get what you pay for. :D

As expected, the infinity pool was awesome. At least the view was.

How did they get the coconut trees up so high?!

The horizon baby, how often can you see that in Singapore?

Stayed from evening till night. The only gripe i have is that the pool is damn cold. 

Dinner at Hangoga Korean BBQ.

Brings back memories 1 year old.

The kimchi jijang which i ordered by mistake. Supposed to be seafood. But was still good non-the-less.

Seafood pancake. Not very awesome for its price.

Woke up at 6.30am to enjoy the infinity pool without the crowd. Shiok.

Half of the polaroids we took.

Laying down in front of a pool of water, overlooking the city. Pretty darn good.
And well, after that my phone took a dip in the pool. And pretty much died on me. Its drying off in a ziplock bag of rice and silica gel right now. Don't have very high hopes for it though. :(

In all, was a rather enjoyable retreat, kinda expensive with the dinner and the phone. But still pretty good overall. :D


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