KL, and Korea

Went to KL again, but this time in a plane, with the lifeguard peeps.
Man the plane tickets were really cheap, $50+ for a round trip. Saved quite alot of time.
The airport was cui though. LCCT. food damn ex, and not nice. AND DON'T HAVE MY MAGNUM!
Searched for it high and low on the last day back.

More after the break (pictures too)

The hotel was damn cheap too. $25 for 2 nights, but thats because 12 of us squeezed into an executive suite, which was no-where near executive-y. Plus, it was pretty far from all the shopping areas, even though it was near the monorail station. Hence we took the monorail everyday, and quite a few times too. 2RM per trip avg.

Visited the same ol' places.

Indoor coaster at Berjaya Times Square

Outside Sungei Wang

Lot 10

Chinatown / Jalan Petaleng

Berjaya Times Square, outside.

Twin towers.
Did the same ol' stuff.
Sang KTV buffet. The spread was rather good. :)

Met a small cute dog at chinatown

The usual gui ling gao 

Roadside stores

The tau huay at chinatown was rather good.

The A&W, on the other hand, sucks balls.

Met some buskers, who just stand around. 2RM per photo.
We were super damn late for dim sum breakfast, and everything was pretty much sold out.

Annnndddd, thats pretty much it for the KL trip. Nothing much to shout about, but nothing much expected either la. So yea.

In other news, i got my Korea confirmation.
Bought the air tickets for SQ602 on the 25th Aug 2350.
Going to settle the visa next week.

And the dear girl's pretty sad now.
I'll miss you too. :(


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