Headphones vs. Jukeboxes



Warning: this post is pretty much a rant. Read on if you're still interested.

I remember reading about the 'in' thing a few decades ago, in certain parts of the world, maybe even Singapore, was to carry a Boombox around and blast your favourite music.

Then along came the earphones. And people enjoyed their peace and quiet in the early morning commute to where-ever they want to go.

And then somewhere along the way, some bugger went and decided that blasting loud music on the earphones was somehow cool.

Seriously, everyday i see young punks(somehow its always youths, and punks just sounds nice to type) on the train, or the bus, with their earphones plugged into their ears. Actually, almost everyone has earphones on. BUT, the main difference would be, that i can actually hear the music, or at least the beat of the bass from some earphones.

And amazingly, they would be sleeping. How can they sleep with such loud music/noise is beyond me.

Some people may say that they turn on the music so loud so they can drown out the ambient noise. But seriously, if you want to keep noise out, get a decent pair of in-ear earphones. You can get a decent pair for <$30. At least more decent than the stock Apple earphones, which is the majority of the earphones i see plugged in. Any cui mp3 player will sound the same as a good player if you use such lousy earphones.
If you can afford an ipod, i'm pretty sure u can afford a pair of in-ears.

With a pair of in-ear earphones, even with half the volume, u get the same relative loudness, with better quality and less distortion, not to mention less audible ambient noise. And you save your ears. The sensitive hairs in our inner-ear which we use to aid in detecting sound(waves), once damaged, will not regenerate. So prolonged exposure to loud music will end up with permanent hearing loss.

Oh. and you spare the people beside you the irritation from your loud 'music'.

So, unless u think its so darn bloody cool to let everyone know that you're listening to loud loud music, please turn down the volume. For your own good, and the benefit of others. And get a decent pair of earphones.

This rant came about because i was standing at the back of the bus this morning, and i could hear the music from a guy's earphones. And he was standing at the door. It was loud enough to be irritating, even over the drone of the bus engine. Imagine how it must sound to him.

*End of rant*

In other news, i went to swim today, at last. Damn shag. And got totally 'tok-ed' by an elderly uncle. He swam 20 laps freestyle straight. And was 25m in front of me by the 10th lap. Peifu peifu.
Or maybe is i just too cui.


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