Well, its been quite some time.
Nothing really much to update since i've been busy with school. Got reminded that I have this blog, and well, seeing as there are changes in Blogger's layout, decided to change my template too. :)

This exams have been rather relaxing, compared to the first two years. Partly because all my papers are so spread out i have several days to study for each. Not that cramped. Heh. And also because I know my GPA can't really change much now anyway, so long as I don't score too badly. :p

Been watching a drama, 'Lie to me'. Pretty cool show about micro-expressions and finding the truth. Haha.

Shows how much I've been studying eh, especially since i've burned through season 1 and am halfway through season 2 within 2 weeks. :D

Watching on a new media server program i downloaded, Plex. Its pretty cool, can watch the movies/shows on my TV in the leaving room via the wireless network, streamed from my HDD in my room. Haha. Go check it out if you're interested: http://www.plexapp.com/

And thats all for now. cheerios!


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