Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted

Saw this quote somewhere, and found it very true.

In this hectic lifestyle we have now in Singapore, or maybe in many other countries too, there is a constant stress to excel and do better than others. Hell, we're even stressed to keep up with the average, as the bar is set so high.

So much so that we regret every minute that we spend slacking, when we could have done something more productive. For students, that would be studying, and for the working population, working. 

Sure, most people can balance their work-social life, and they wouldn't treat a gathering with friends as a waste of time. However, how many can say that just lying in bed and not sleeping, not thinking, but just chill-laxing, is not a waste of time?

I think its not a waste, if you enjoy doing it. Once again, it ties in with want you want in life. I guess the common goal would be to be happy, and satisfied. Be it working hard now so you can relax in the future, or just enjoying what you are doing. Well, when you do something you enjoy, it is one small step towards that happiness, even if it is wasting time.

Therefore, if you enjoyed whatever you did, no matter how unproductive or insignificant it was compared to whatever you should be doing, it was worth the time.

Chillax peeps. :)


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