Titanic: The artifact exhibition 100th Anniversary

The ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands is having this Titanic Exhibition these few months. So we decided to head there for a look-see on Saturday, and 顺便 celebrate Valentine's Day.

Tickets were $20 for Singaporeans. If you go in a group of 4, you get the Cartier Timepiece exhibition along for free. We joined another group who needed 2 extra people to form their four, so we had a peek at the Cartier exhib too, even though my girl was bored out her mind.

Huge Ass poster at the ticketing counter.

Huge Ass poster above the entrance at B1.

Unfortunately, no photography was allowed. I think it standard procedures for most exhibitions. And i didn't want to flout the rules and steal a few shots like many people did. So the only pics i have are those taken outside. Haha.

However, the exhibition starts of with a brief history of how the Titanic came to be, along with her two sisters, Olympic and Britannic. The facts and specs were listed in a timeline sort of format, with actual artifacts to spice things up abit, so it isn't too boring.

Then came the life-sized exhibits of the walkways, first to third class rooms, and many many more artifacts. All the artifacts, names, portraits, stories and such brings the reality of the whole ship and incident to mind. I don't really know how to express this, but when I watched the movie(its coming out in 3D soon btw), I just treated it as a movie, so I wasn't too affected by the deaths and what not. However, with this detailed exhibit, and all the real-life samples and facts laid out, it really hit me that 'hey, shit, this whole thing is real, and many people really died, shivering and drowning'.

There was a huge ass 'iceburg', which was just a gigantic block of ice too, where you can put your hand on and attempt to melt your print in. I tried, but gave up because it was too cold, and i looked stupid standing there with my hand on the ice.

There was a deck area too, where you can see 'stars', feel the 'breeze', and see the 'water'. Overall, pretty life-like. Because all the exhibits were 'walk-through', it feels like you're walking through various parts of the ship. Appreciate the size of the Boilers required to run the ship.

As I said, no pictures allowed, so no pictures to show. I have some pics of the passes and stuff below though.

Also, there is this $5 extra souvenir package thing, which entitles you to a short film/documentary about a diving effort to check out the Titanic lying on the seabed. Fast fact, the pressure at that depth is around 10 full size goods trains pressing down on you. Means if you end up outside the submarine at that depth, you'll be crushed to the size of a coke can baby.

The show was not bad, if you're interested in documentaries and finding out stuff. They overlayed cut scenes and people walking around in parts of the wreck, so was pretty cool. The souvenir is was waste of effort to carry. Its some polar bear paper-weight. TOTALLY unrelated to the Titanic. I suspect its something the gift shop had too much excess of, and couldn't sell, so take and cheat people of $5.

Okay, enough words, pictures time.

Huge Ass floor-to-ceiling posters. As the ceiling is the height of a 3 story building, you can imagine the size of the posters.


Cool boarding passes, with details of passengers. So you'll probably get different passengers. Mine was a guy in third class. This made the whole thing even more 'real'. Near the end, there was a wall of people saved, and those who died. And you can find your passenger in the list there. There were many 1st class passengers saved, and many 3rd class passengers dead. 

The R.M.S Titanic life-jacket. I suspect the actual thing doesn't look so modern.

Next up! Dinner at Waraku Japanese at The Central.

Gigantic bowl of cheese ebi curry udon. Pretty nice.

TWO gigantic bowls of Ramen. The bowls were gigantic, the serving was normal. But still filling.

Tasty Creation at Marble Slab Creamery. Was rather good. Better than Cold Stone according to the GF. SHIOK. :D

Andddddddd.... thats all folks. :)

Happy Valentine's Day in advance Dear. :)


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