Blogger on my phone

Just downloaded blogger on my phone. Not very pretty nor functional. But still usable.

This might mean more frequent updates! Don't count on it though. Haha.

General elections are over, and PAP is still the ruling party (surprise surprise).

Workers Party won Aljunied though, and that may be a surprise for some. This could pretty well be the turning point in Singapore's political history. The first GRC to be won by the Opposition since PAP came into power. This, together with the steady decline in overall votes.

On lighter news, we have a new celebrity. Mr Yam Ah Mee, Returning Officer. You wouldn't believe the amazing number of mix tracks you'll find on YouTube man. Haha! Maybe I'll find a pic of him to post here. Photo courtesy of Mr Brown.

Thus concludes my first, and hopefully not last mobile blog post. Good night!

P.s: check out my blog from your mobile phone! Cool right?! Got mobile site wor. Haha.


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